CEO Keith Barr to Be Keynote Speaker at Honda Lean Network Conference

By L2L
10 May 19

L2L's CEO Keith Barr has a unique opportunity to speak at the Honda Lean Network Conference, an annual meeting of Honda suppliers and other automotive manufacturers. He'll be speaking about how technology is transforming culture and attracting talent. 

Manufacturing’s next evolution is a human revolution, where the right technologies enable people to drive efficiency, and draw the future workforce necessary to sustain the industry. The factory of the future is a factory where today, people have access to the truth and can take ownership of how they use it to deliver faster, better, and at high quality. That’s what winning looks like and it’s not coming tomorrow, it has to be here today.

At the same time, data from the 2018 Leading2Lean Manufacturing Index underscores that less than half of millennials see manufacturing as offering a fulfilling career or that there’s a shortage of skilled workers, leading to open career opportunities.

Keith Barr will share 5 key insights on how technology is transforming company cultures across industries, including manufacturing, and how companies are using these insights to both attract talent and drive competitiveness.

  1. How technology is transforming culture and shaping the factory of the future
  2. What is drawing the next generation to enterprises across industries
  3. Why practical truth and transparency are foundations for culture, improvement, and attracting the next generation
  4. Insights from the 2018 L2L Manufacturing Index
  5. Practical examples from the front lines, and how you can apply them

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