Get More From Your Existing ERP

CloudDISPATCH provides a modular shop floor platform that enhances your ERP.

The Problem:

Most ERP manufacturing modules aren’t user-friendly for plants because they were designed by accounting, for accounting.

The CloudDISPATCH Difference:

Digitally transform the shop floor with an easy-to-use interface that your operations and technicians love to use; with data flowing to the ERP on the back end to keep accounting happy.

We aren’t an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, nor have we ever displaced one. We know that your ERP is like the brain of your factory, and trying to swap that out would be like performing brain surgery. Instead, we work with your existing systems by adapting to your unique manufacturing workflows.

This approach gives the shop floor the customized tool they need and accounting more accurate and real time numbers. Everybody wins!

Have Multiple ERP Systems?

We have the perfect solution.

If you have multiple ERP systems across your manufacturing facilities, CloudDISPATCH bridges that gap and normalizes the work execution and reporting metrics without ripping and replacing those legacy systems...until you’re ready to, of course.


We Play Nice. Really Nice.

ERP systems are primarily concerned with Labor and Material costs, with little understanding of workflow and process on the shop floor. We provide a unique workflow based approach that will fit your unique environment without the costly customization required by ERP manufacturing modules. We have the ability to roll more accurate data into the ERP at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

Your current system may...

  • Be cumbersome and
    hard to use
  • Collect data after an event has already occurred
  • Be clunky, outdated, and rigid
  • Be stuck waiting for the corporate roll-out plan

...but with L2L...

  • You gain an easy-to-use interface
  • You receive accurate and useful real-time data
  • Your shop floor interface is easy to customize
  • You bypass the waiting list and gain visibility to your problems now

...which ultimately results in...

  • A system that your operators and technicians love to use
  • Better decision-making from your people on the shop floor
  • A system that’s perfectly tailored to your plant floor
  • Lower downtime, increased efficiency, lower cost

Common Areas of ERP Integration

Inventory Management


Asset Management


Allocation of Labor & Spares Cost

Allocation of Labor
& Spares Costs

Order Status

Order Status


The following is a list of ERP systems we commonly integrate with. We’ve never met an ERP we couldn’t integrate with, but if you don’t see yours on this list, then give us a call.

  • SAP
  • QAD
  • JD Edwards
  • Infor
  • NetSuite
  • Plex
  • Made2Manage
  • IQMS