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Continuous Improvement For

Plastic, Packaging & Container Manufacturers

Consumer focus is increasingly turning to packaging. Unique materials and designs can draw attention but drive up costs. Using L2L’s connected workforce software can mitigate those costs while keeping production high.

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Tools for Growth & Productivity

Drive Output, Boost Profits


Drive Production Improvement

Use OEE and production dashboards to see actuals vs. targets on the line, area, site, or enterprise level. 


Reduce Scrap & Waste

Track and chart scrap codes to get ahead of quality issues and downtime. Use predictive maintenance features to reduce costly waste.

Get Machine Data

Get Machine Data

Bring machine data into your analytical tool set improving accuracy, preventing downtime, and giving you a complete view of your shop floor. 

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OEE Dashboard - Sites (2)
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Prevent Costly Bottlenecks

Condition-Based Maintenance Savings

Sonoco implemented L2L's condition-based maintenance program, significantly reducing fan failures and their negative downstream effects. First-year savings from this disruption reduction amounted to $32K and 72 hours of downtime. See how L2L helped Sonoco. 

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We Have Avoided Costly Unplanned Catastrophic Failures .

"So far, we're seeing success with it. By responding to real time data, we have avoided costly unplanned catastrophic failures. We're happy with the results.”

Jason Bryan - Sonoco

Jason Bryan

Manufacturing Systems Manager, Sonoco

Discover the Premier Connected Worker Solution

"L2L promotes accountability and levels the playing field. It helps everyone speak the same language"

Justin Skaggs

Worthington Industries

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