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Lean is too often a special campaign or mandatory training course. Once it ends, production teams revert to old habits that actually reflect their plant floor realities. With our Lean Execution System, CloudDISPATCH, Lean is integrated into our solution set, so line technicians use the tools. We designed CloudDISPATCH this way because it was invented on the plant floor. We understand your realities.

Key Features
Capture Suggestions and Ideas
  • Engage your employees to identify ways to reduce waste, increase safety, increase product quality, and decrease cost of product.
  • Empower employees to identify the gaps and inefficiencies and suggest where improvement can take place.
  • Improve employee commitment, satisfaction, and retention.
Share Best Practices
  • Without an easily accessible Yokoten, abnormalities and their solutions are typically communicated via email, or not at all. If you have more than one plant, sharing newfound solutions between them is critical. 
  • Our Yokoten enhances our common shop floor standard and language.
  • Easily add Scheduler Categories to our menu.
  • Quick Category configuration.
Work Station Efficiency
  • Track 5S activities on a line, area or machine.
Problem Solving
  • Track reoccurring or expensive abnormalities that impact production and associated corrective actions.
  • Our LES automatically identifies Significant Events and alerts staff for prompt resolution.
  • Supports popular Root Cause Analysis methods such as 5 Whys, 8d, Fishbone, etc.

6 Months To Sustained ROI

Lean is a word and practice that can sometimes be overused and incorrectly implemented in many manufacturing/production environments. At Leading2Lean, we are 100% committed to your Lean transformation, but not as a bolt-on tool or flavor of the day. Lean is purposely integrated into our Production, Maintenance, and Quality Assurance solutions because we recognize that Lean is not just an event. Lean is a journey and a cultural shift that should serve as an ongoing strategy and vision that engages and empowers plant floor workers to create sustained cultures of Continuous Improvement.

L2L understands that a Lean culture must be supported at all levels of your manufacturing workforce. The plant floor wants the tools and support that will help them be more productive, reduce costs, and raise the quality of products shipped to your customers. We provide those tools that will allow you to drive a culture of Lean, Continuous Improvement, and success in your organization.

ERPs Can't Help With Continuous Improvement

ERP, CMMS, and MES solutions do not include important Lean tools such as Kaizen (improvement opportunities), Yokoten (best practice sharing), TPM, and Problem Solving. True production and maintenance improvements are driven not just by examining metrics and implementing consultant-driven fixes, but by empowering everybody in the plant to improve metrics. The fact is, the complex challenges of manufacturing require integrated Lean tools to create a common plant floor standard and engaged line technicians.

Watch the video to see a customer explain how our Lean tools change plant cultures.

To get a true lean manufacturing culture, you have to change the culture on the plant floor. That’s key. I strongly feel that Leading2Lean helps to accelerate that cultural change that’s required to be successful in lean manufacturing.

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Kevin Bryan
Project Manager, MES Department - Autoliv

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