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The L2L Connected Workforce Platform uses various sources of manufacturing data to eliminate shop floor disruptions. When software integration is necessary, L2L is ready with an extensive Open API Library, enabling easy connection to your existing systems.

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Typical L2L Integrations

Make the Connection

We complement your existing systems by filling critical gaps left by ERP, MES, and SCADA/IoT solutions. Enjoy a straightforward integration without the typical enterprise cost, delays, and run around.


Utilize production & scrap count data to inform KPIs and scheduling.


Sync spare parts and inventory levels to increase input transparency.


Connect workforce with badge-in/ badge-out functionality.

Connect Your Data to L2L

L2L Integration Capabilities

With L2L's easy-to-use REST-Based web service API, we can help make your MES/SCADA/IoT/ERP integration easy, with minimal impact on implementation time.  

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L2L Mobilizes
Your Data

L2L turns existing data into structured, repeatable action. Pair your data with L2L to start your your continuous improvement journey.

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"What makes L2L so unique is the fact that the product was developed by real manufacturing users. People that truly understand the day-to-day issues and concerns that drive the production floor."

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