Get More From Your MES

CloudDispatch harmonizes the plant floor with metrics and digital capabilities.

The Problem:

Most MES systems only track machine-related issues, but not all issues are machine related.

The CloudDispatch Difference:

We provide situational awareness, getting 30-40% increase in OA/OEE without the need for machine integration.

If you already have an MES, it’s probably the beating heart of your plant. We don’t rip and replace because that would be like performing open heart surgery while the patient is running a marathon. We complement your existing system by providing the critical people and process improvements that MES doesn't address.

In our experience throughout the world, these often overlooked workflow problems dwarf your typical machine related problems that MES helps to address. That's why you need L2L's CloudDISPATCH in addition to your existing MES.

Don’t Have an MES?

We have good news: deploying CloudDISPATCH first can help you determine your ideal MES system. After all, adding an MES doesn’t always justify the expense, especially if you have low product mix, old equipment, or no existing controls systems.

CloudDISPATCH helps you identify performance gaps before you waste time and money on costly equipment and systems upgrades with questionable ROI's and lengthy deployments. Our system can help identify which upgrades are worth your time.


We Play Nice. Really Nice.

You might describe CloudDISPATCH as an LES—a Lean Execution System. We’re like an MES’ leaner, smarter brother who recognizes that people, workflow, and problem-solving delivers better data, faster results, and bigger gains to the bottom line. The truth is we've never displaced an MES system, but we've helped them all achieve a positive Return on Investment.

Your current system may...

  • Be machine-focused, generating Gigabytes of data lost to the data graveyard black hole
  • Lack foundational lean tools and need to be supplemented by manual tracking methods
  • Give you a narrow
    "machine centric"
    view of OA and OEE

...but with L2L...

  • MES data is integrated with abnormality management, problem solving, and bigger picture metrics
  • Lean tools are built-in and fully integrated
  • You gain visibility to quality, logistics, HR/staffing, material handling, engineering etc. issues

...which ultimately results in...

  • Sustainable Continuous Improvement
  • Streamlined processes and less waste
  • One place to view full impact of processes and provide a systematic way to resolve them

Common Areas of MES Integration




Scrap Counts


Machine Cycles for
Predictive Maintenance


Abnormal Event


The following is a list of MESs we commonly integrate with. We’ve never met an MES we couldn’t integrate with, but if you don’t see yours on this list, then give us a call.

  • SAP ME
  • Wonderware
  • MAN-IT
  • Itac
  • Ignition