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How L2L Improves MES

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Most MES systems only track machine-related issues, but not all issues are machine-related. We provide situational awareness, providing you with a 30-40% increase in OA/OEE without the need for machine integration.

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Our modular approach enables you to achieve a global standard without ripping and replacing your legacy systems. We complement your existing systems by filling critical gaps left by ERP, MES, and SCADA/IoT solutions. Enjoy a straightforward integration without the typical enterprise cost, delays, and run around.



Digitally transform the shop floor while data flows to the ERP on the back end, keeping accounting happy.

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Use IoT data to engage the workforce and take action on the most business-impacting problems.

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Connect machine-level data with Maintenance, Logistics, Employee Skills Training, and Lean methodologies

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BI Tools

BI Tools

Solve shop floor data collection problems and deliver game-changing results to end-users.

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Get better every day

Sustainable Continuous Improvement

MES data is integrated with abnormality management, problem-solving, and bigger picture metrics in order to help your organization sustain continuous improvement. 

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Streamlined Processes With
Less Waste

Lean tools are built-in and fully integrated that way you can get rid of manual tracking methods.

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Customizable Dashboards

One Dashboard for an All-Encompassing View

Gain visibility to quality, logistics, HR/staffing, material handling, engineering, and most any other problem on the shop floor.

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What Makes L2L Different

Get More From Your MES

Our MES integration helps you identify performance gaps before you waste time and money on costly equipment and system upgrades with questionable ROI and lengthy deployments.


Product Completions

Automate recording of production counts to see the real-time flow of material through the plant.

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Scrap Counts

Real-time scrap reporting with built-in escalations to resolve detects during the problem instead of hours or days later.


Abnormal Event Escalation

Build proactive escalation plans and coordinated multi-functional responses to abnormal shop floor events.


Machine Cycle & PM

Launch Predictive Maintenance follow-ups based on Machine Cycle counts, tool wear, abnormal sensor readings, and more.

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"What makes L2L so unique is the fact that the product was developed by real manufacturing users. People that truly understand the day-to-day issues and concerns that drive the production floor."

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