L2L Uses SSO

Easy Logins
With SSO for L2L

Single Sign On (SSO) authentication logs users into L2L's products using their own company login credentials. Used in conjunction with directory services, SSO simplifies user management and access control.



Implement SSO
For Increased Speed & Compliance

Single sign-on keeps operators productive without the hassles of multiple passwords and long login sequences. Promote efficiency with SSO integration into L2L's suite of disruption management products. 

Customer Choice

Customer Choice

L2L offers two types of Single Sign-on: LDAP and SAML. There are many ways to integrate  into your network


Wide Compatibility

L2L is compatible with SAML providers such as ADFSOkta, OneLogin, Azure AD and others


Badge In, Badge Out

SSO works with many badge and scanner technologies, making sign-in as simple as swiping a badge.  

Explore why 225,000+ users trust L2L

"What makes L2L so unique is the fact that the product was developed by real manufacturing users. People that truly understand the day-to-day issues and concerns that drive the production floor."

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