L2L Builds on Connected Workforce Category Leadership with Innovative New Product Releases

Salt Lake City, UT – September 6, 2023: L2L, the Connected Workforce pioneer, is excited to announce the highly anticipated launch of their latest software products for the third quarter of 2023. Designed to mobilize manufacturing workers and promote efficiency on the shop floor, the Q3 release includes four cutting-edge solutions: L2L TeamBoard, Operator Portal, Technician Portal, and L2L Connect Integration. The culmination of extensive research and development efforts, these innovative software products will extend L2L's leadership position in the Connected Workforce software category.

L2L TeamBoard: L2L’s new TeamBoard creates a new standard for manufacturing team performance management. Building on traditional SQDC principles, L2L TeamBoard provides frontline workers and supervisors with real-time visibility into all shared KPIs, highlights problem areas, and quantifies achievement against goals. It centralizes team communication to facilitate stand up and change-over meetings, and mobilizes workers with the information they need to perform their jobs at peak efficiency. With the L2L TeamBoard, users will see improved decision-making, better coordination and better worker alignment every day.

Operator Portal: Designed to accelerate workers’ response time to disruption with an intuitive single-screen interface, the Operator Portal gives shop floor workers access to real-time data and the tools they need to quickly identify, prioritize and solve production issues. With built-in AI, the Operator Portal streamlines operator work to increase throughput, minimize errors, and improve job satisfaction.

Technician Portal: L2L’s flagship interface, the already-popular Technician Portal, has been updated again to better enable maintenance teams to efficiently manage assets, perform preventive maintenance, and swiftly respond to incidents. With built-in AI that recommends parts and actions, the Technician Portal is a must have for service technicians and breakdown technicians alike. Additional enhancements include a new tooling tab, a new notes tab, and improved ease of use.

L2L Connect Integration: L2L Connect, the popular machine and system connectivity solution released in 2022, has been seamlessly integrated into L2L’s existing portfolio of products. Starting with L2L Dispatch, workers can receive signals directly from their machines with prescriptive work instructions to resolve any issues. With L2L Connect’s built-in rules engine, customers can now set parameters that ensure optimal production conditions while extending the life of their valuable machinery.

"We are excited about the value we’re bringing to customers with our Q3 product releases," said John Davagian, CEO of L2L. "The L2L TeamBoard, Operator Portal, Technician Portal, and L2L Connect Integration demonstrate our commitment to leading the Connected Workforce software category. With these new products, our customers can better empower workers to identify and respond to problems, modernize shop floor processes and dramatically increase efficiency. Unlike other products that simply provide work instructions, L2L offers a practical path to digital transformation that helps manufacturing teams get the right work done faster and better."

L2L invites customers and manufacturers to join its Q3 Product Livestream at 1PM EST on September 13th to learn more about the features and benefits of these exciting new products.

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Founded in 2010, L2L provides the connected workforce platform that helps global manufacturers efficiently meet demand by driving continuous improvement across production and plant management. A different kind of solution for the real-world needs of discrete manufacturers, L2L brings real-time visibility across people, processes, materials and machines to reduce disruptions, increase reliability and improve profits. Cloud-based and deployed within 60 days, L2L creates unmatched speed to value for more than 225,000 users in 25 countries across the world. For more information, visit http://www.L2L.com.

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