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Video update for L2L TeamBoard

L2L can capture every instance of production downtime. The Connected Worker is the best resource to show when and where the production line goes down. L2L has the tools and features to make this interaction quick, easy and efficient.

If there is one thing that manufacturers have learned over the past few years, it’s that every bit of raw material is precious. And using every bit of that raw material to produce good products is essential to profit and sustainability. So solving scrap and defect issues that create waste is more important than ever before. In this demonstration video, we show how frontline workers can use L2L in their day-to-day processes to identify and solve scrap issues on the shop floor.

New operators seldom come into the manufacturing floor with all of the answers and skills. Using L2L as your Connected Workforce Platform allows Operators and Production Supervisors to have instant access to all of the data needed for shop floor operations.

L2L's Smart Manufacturing Platform connects your workers and gives them the critical data they need to keep your production humming. 

Maximize production throughput by giving your workforce the tools it needs to drive continuous improvement.

L2L's new Technician Portal is efficient, modern, and mobile allowing your maintenance techs to quickly diagnose the problem, get the right parts, fix the machine, and document the fix. With L2L’s new AI functionality, we even suggest parts and fixes to make the process more efficient and let your maintenance crew move on to their next job.

Each machine has it's own unique landing page. On that landing page there is an image of the machine, real-time data about dispatches, machine status, mean time to repair, mean time between failures, and information about top spares and dispatch types. At the bottom, you can do additional research on the machine if necessary. If you discover an issue with the machine, we’ve got an easy green dispatch button at the top so that you can quickly trigger a dispatch with information about that machine already filled in. 

A discussion with Jason Bryan of Sonoco about how L2L is helping his enterprise

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