L2L's Roots Are In Improvement - Where Connected Workforce Software Began

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    When we say “L2L was made for manufacturers, by manufacturers,” we mean it literally.

    L2L was born on the shop floors of our now-customer, Autoliv, where Eric, Phil, and this episode’s special guest Mark Jenkins put their heads together to figure out a better way to track operational availability (OA). That’s right — we’re taking you through a brief L2L history lesson! Learn how the Toyota Production System inspired the creation of Dispatch, L2L’s flagship module, and how the product evolved into today’s leading connected worker platform. 

    Ever since the early 2000s, the goal behind L2L has remained the same: to engage frontline workers in the pursuit of continuous improvement. Today, we’re using AI and machine learning (ML) to drive productivity and efficiency across the end-to-end production process — helping manufacturers get to the root of waste and unplanned downtime.

    See how connected worker solutions help you slash downtime: https://youtu.be/1gzv4Cnwvis