Quality Assurance

When it comes to the quality of the goods on your production line, not only is time and money on the line, your reputation is at stake. CloudDISPATCH’s QA solution goes beyond a traditional red light/green light inspection process by allowing your QA team to custom-manage and monitor production lines in a real-time status, not after the fact. Our QA solution provides a process for faster abnormality containment and allows you to close the loop to change standards in hours, not days or weeks.

Solution Features
Real-Time Defect Trending
  • Traditional systems keep you chasing after defects. Our Inspection engine gives you information in real time, so you can track and trend defect PPMs and quality failures.
Inspection Takt-Times by Employees
  • Close the loop on quality.
  • Make quality part of the production process, not a bolt-on.
  • Prevent defects from entering the production workflow.
Containing & Quarantine Defective Material
  • Immediately and without broad interruption, red-tag and quarantine material, while accessing a real time product genealogy.
  • We perform above industry benchmarks, with Eleven9s™ durability of historical data.
  • Support for Lot-Based Serialized Products

3x Faster Abnormality Resolution

QA is too often a bolt-on to the manufacturing production process. Our Lean Execution System takes a different approach, where QA and other manufacturing solutions are integrated. This means that your data is more robust, allowing for better and faster abnormality resolutions.

Leading2Lean’s Quality Assurance solution connects your production and quality teams across plants and throughout the world, accelerating quality throughput. How? Because your factories are using a common standard and built-in Yokoten and Kaizen Lean tools.

Product quality matters more now than ever.

Worry Less, Operate More

Inspection functionality is more important in QA than ever. Regardless of where or what you manufacture, customers demand only the highest quality and, with a 24-hour news cycle, your quality team can’t afford negative quality publicity. With our QA solution set, your employees will have robust red-tag options, defect tracking, and the ability to trace to original source material.

Learn more about what our Lean Execution System can do for your manufacturing operations by viewing this brief video featuring Bob Argyle, Leading2Lean’s CCO.

You don’t want to hide your problems, you want to surface them, because that’s how you are going to fix them. If nobody knows about them, they’re never going to get fixed.

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Bob Argyle
CCO - Leading2Lean

Discover The Benefits Of Lean Execution

Our Trace and Inspection components (QA) are fundamental to manufacturing quality, particularly in regulated industries such as food manufacturing and medical supplies. Ensure that your quality processes are more effective by integrating them with your production and maintenance functions.

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