Manufacturers frequently employ various systems and consultants to address OEE, the core manufacturing KPI that determines how well a manufacturing operation is performing. Leading2Lean’s Lean Execution System, CloudDISPATCH, helps factory managers improve OEE by providing robust visualized data for each production line, in the task, that focuses on quality and throughput abnormality problem solving, the best way to improve OEE.

With our Production Solution, you will digitalize production boards, centrally monitor KPIs and quickly see automatic abnormality escalations. Our Production Solution, a Manufacturing 4.0 and IoT-enabling software, drives value for both the factory and line operators because it empowers them so well that factories are able to deploy the most powerful problem solving asset they have: operators’ insights and drive to win.

Production Solution Features
Digital Order Execution/e-Kanban
  • Production managers and planners have real-time visibility into line and job status.
  • Identify and act on abnormalities during production runs, not after.
  • Meet customer quality and supply chain expectations.
  • Visualized IoT real-time data and problem solving sustainably improve OEE.
Value From and For Your Operators
  • Creates sustained continuous improvement with your operators' insights.
  • Lean tools include 5S, Kaizen, Yokoten, TPM and Problem Solving.
  • Cutting-edge Manufacturing 4.0 solution.
  • Creates operator ownership and accountability.
Skills and Training Documentation
  • Easily meet internal and external compliance and audit requirements.
  • Especially useful for highly regulated industries.
  • Ensure that standards are documented, accurate, and consistently followed.
  • Central repository for standards and operator certifications - no paper or manuals!
Operator Portal
  • Hold operators accountable to follow standards.
  • Consistency across all lines and employees create standard data visualization.
  • Employee-driven sustained CI.
  • Overlays existing systems - no rip and replace required.
  • Harmonize plant processes toward common measures and key methods.
Order Demand Planning
  • Stop exporting ERP data into spreadsheets to create production schedules.
  • Balance demand planning and order execution with available capacity.
  • Paperless traveler.
Reports and Dashboards
  • Real-time notification and escalation on any production KPI (takt time, scrap, demand vs. actual, etc.)
  • Examine work orders by specified date ranges.
  • Create drill-down Pareto charts to identify most common OEE issues.
  • View planned vs. actual production goals by factory, line, and operator.

6.5% Increase In Continuous Improvement KPIs

Customers using CloudDISPATCH’s Production Solution often experience 6.5% KPI improvements driven by the continuous improvement culture our software creates in factories. For example, annualized over five years, you can reduce by 17.8%, many of the costs that make up cost-of-product. The same holds true for OA and OEE.

CloudDISPATCH was created on the plant floor by manufacturers so it reflects your daily reality. Simply put, we are manufacturing experts that improve our customers’ manufacturing with our Manufacturing 4.o software solution. Send us a note and share your production pain points. We’ll collaborate on finding sustainable solutions.

Know Faster. React Faster.

MBWA (management by walking around) has a place in the factory, but this should not be how planners and operations managers discover production abnormalities. The same applies to pager and text notifications. Instead, CloudDISPATCH adds value by proving takt time, cycle time and throughput data with powerful dashboards and alerts while production is happening.


Virtually everything on the plant floor that is required to measure the effectiveness of a team or in the finished product are things we can measure.

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