What Is a Data Sandwich?

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    In this episode of The Manufacturing Stream, Eric and Phil kick off 2024 with some exciting event announcements from L2L and a topic that’s never been more relevant to manufacturers: Uniting departments around a shared view of factory data.

    If job-critical information is locked away in systems like ERP, MES, SCADA, and PLC, shop floor employees — and your plant — are operating with a serious (but fixable) handicap. 

    Enter the concept of a “Data Sandwich.” Eric and Phil explain what a Data Sandwich is, why it’s important for today’s shop floor operations, and how connected workforce technology fills the data “gap” that often separates frontline workers from essential information. 

    Listen to the whole episode to learn how connected workforce platforms like L2L unify systems on every level to generate a complete view of plant operations.

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