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Many manufacturing software systems encounter low adoption because workers—especially frontline workers—don't find them helpful or easy to use. L2L is different because it's easily configured to the needs of each plant and each worker that uses it. Best of all, L2L can be customized without traditional coding skills.

Since we launched L2L in 2010, the software has been cloud-based and easily configured. More recently, we've introduced two new no-code modules to help manufacturing teams make powerful customizations:

  • L2L Studio for no-code app creation
  • L2L FlowEngine for automating data integrations and condition-based workflows
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L2L Studio is a no-code app creation solution that lets manufacturers develop custom interfaces for frontline workers, so they can perform tasks better and with less frustration.

  • Simple, Task-Based Apps: Reduce time to enter data for most frequent tasks or events. 
  • Improved Form Factor: Big buttons and limited text make it easy to use apps while wearing gloves or on the move.
  • New Employee Onboarding: Create insightful micro experiences to train workers faster.
  • Custom Dashboards: Track specific metrics in real time and compare them to targets. 


L2L FlowEngine

With FlowEngine, your team can focus on driving improved performance—not wasting time on manual, rote tasks. FlowEngine empowers your team to identify and automate essential repetitive tasks with simple low-code flows that drive timely action and ensure better outcomes.

FlowEngine optimizes performance with data-driven insights, helping teams identify and review root cause issues by:

  • Analyzing leading indicators: FlowEngine can proactively monitor key variables such as oil temperature or machine vibration to identify patterns and potential issues faster than manual audits.
  • Preventing costly failures: Condition-based monitoring anticipates maintenance needs, enabling proactive measures to prevent downtime and costly asset failures.
  • Optimizing spare parts inventory: FlowEngine tracks, updates, and optimizes spare parts inventory, ensuring the right parts are always available. This minimizes overstocking, improves operational efficiency, and lowers costs.
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