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Manufacturers operate in a competitive market and are always looking for ways to boost efficiency. That's why they're increasing their investments in technologies that digitize shop floor processes, improve visibility, and drive smarter action. 

The L2L Connected Workforce Platform was developed by manufacturing experts for the realities of the shop floor. It provides the fastest, most practical approach to industrial transformation. It's also proven to improve availability, productivity, and workforce engagement.

But don't take it from us—see our platform's benefits for yourself.

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To get more productivity out of your machines and plants, you need to focus on your people first. 

L2L addresses the needs of frontline workers by providing the real-time insights, standard work guidance, and connectivity they need to do their best work together. When you start with people, the rest falls into place.  

Our platform helps manufacturers like you achieve production and quality goals by maximizing the contributions of everyone on your team. 


The manufacturing environment is complex. L2L simplifies plant operations by breaking down the data silos of legacy software systems, giving your team the insights and guidance they need to make better decisions. 

L2L delivers real-time data to everyone, from operators to technicians to quality inspectors. This lets your team see challenges in the same light and solve problems faster.

With advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and rules engine capabilities, L2L automates rote tasks while detecting and resolving issues, freeing your team to focus on your customers.

Our platform delivers:

  • Simplicity: An intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.
  • Real-Time Data: A single source of insight for everyone
  • Collaboration: Connects colleagues to get more done.
  • Fast Implementation: Integrates easily with existing systems
  • High ROI: Rapid time-to-value with a 600%+ ROI.*
  • Customer Focus: Focus less on technology and delight your customers. 
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L2L includes unique modules that help manufacturers gain visibility and drive continuous improvement across specific areas of their operations.

  • L2L Dispatch: The connected worker hub that gives everyone in the plant a real-time view of what's happening, assigns work, provides instructions, and lets workers ask for help.
  • L2L Maintenance: An EAM/CMMS that leverages L2L Dispatch’s unified plant view to align maintenance and production schedules and dramatically boost operational efficiency.
  • L2L Production: Identifies inefficiencies in your processes and uses AI to suggest solutions that maximize throughput.
  • L2L TeamBoard: A digital SQDC board that transforms how you prepare for and run tier meetings.
  • L2L FlowEngine: An intuitive and powerful tool for integrating data and deploying condition-based workflows.
  • L2L Connect: Collects machine data in even the most challenging conditions to provide real-time visibility and power condition-based workflows.
  • L2L Studio: A no-code app creation solution for our platform that empowers frontline workers to perform their jobs better and with less frustration.
  • L2L Assist: By providing the right guidance at the right time, L2L Assist gives your frontline workers the confidence they need to perform better.


L2L is unlike any other manufacturing software. 

See for yourself:

  • How L2L eliminates disruptions to your manufacturing flow, saving you time and money every day
  • How L2L connects all plant workers to the information they need to perform better
  • How cross-functional scheduling eliminates wasteful downtime
  • How easy it is to get insightful data from L2L
  • How fast it is to deploy—less than 50 days!