Security and Reliability


At L2L “cyber security” is a paramount concern of ours because we are committed to safeguarding your data 24/7, while supporting uninterrupted operations, which requires us to go to great lengths to ensure your data is secure from unauthorized access or any electronic or physical attempts to gain access. To be successful we must anticipate and be proactive to physical and cyber security threats throughout world, while staying abreast of emerging technology that may cause exposures or provide additional security measures.

Because we support customers from very divergent industries, we are required to go to much greater lengths than most customers to protect their data. We make extensive investments in firewalling, impenetrable architecture and denial of services methods to ensure our customers’ data is completely secure. Our investments in security measures are probably significantly more than what most customers can afford to make alone.

Our customers must also depend on our solution to be available, always. They depend on our capability to drive their real-time transactions in building their products. Such non-stop operations requires a unique architecture. You just can’t take a premise solution and make it a fault tolerant and high available solution without significant expense and many weren’t even built to support it. This is why we invested in an architecture to scale and run in fully fault-tolerant state, 100% of the time, and architected elements to manage risk exposures to assure it always runs. It’s the only way we deliver it because our customers have to depend on it.

This high-availability architecture allows us to deliver much faster response as well, including in-place fixes and upgrades, automation to assure resource thresholds are never exceeded for reliable performance and disaster preparedness and recovery. Achieving anything close to this with stand-alone internal systems would be cost prohibitive for nearly all companies.

We take our responsibility to make our capability always available and our customer’s data protected very seriously. We’re in this together.