Get More From Your SCADA

We aren't a SCADA solution, but we turn your data into actionable results.

The Problem:

SCADA data is silo'd and challenging to interpret, with little follow up and no accountability.

The CloudDISPATCH Difference:

Bring the machine-level data together with Maintenance, Logistics, Employee Skills Training, and Lean methodologies to create a culture of continuous improvement. 
CloudDispatch dovetails nicely with SCADA to handle the abnormality management, problem solving, and bigger picture metrics at the Line, Area, and Site level.

Use SCADA Data to Improve Maintenance & Production


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems have stunted usefulness due to a limited machine focus and no accountability and follow up on the potential problems they uncover. L2L's CloudDISPATCH provides the necessary workflows and processes to turn that data into actionable continuous improvement.

It's not enough to just collect data. You need a systematic way to ensure shop floor staff takes the necessary corrective actions to resolve the issues and improve the overall process.


We Play Nice. Really Nice.

Integration is a cinch. And if you don't have SCADA? Let our system pinpoint where SCADA makes sense.

Your current system may...

  • Cause fingers to be pointed at maintenance
  • Be outdated 
  • Lack the critical shop floor context to make sense of the data

...but with L2L...

  • Maintenance teams correctly prioritize problems by overall impact
  • You receive real-time data via mobile devices
  • You get a fully integrated digital tracking system

...which ultimately results in...

  • Increased success while minimizing costs
  • Better decision-making at every level
  • Identifying improvements with the most business benefit

Common Areas of SCADA Integration

Product Completions

Product Completions

Scrap Counts

Scrap Counts

Machine Cycles for Predictive Maintenance

Machine Cycles for Predictive Maintenance

Abnormal Event Escalation

Abnormal Event Escalation


The following is a list of systems we commonly integrate with. 

  • Ignition SCADA by Inductive Automation 
  • InTouch and Systems Platform by Wonderware/Schneider
  • WinCC by Siemens
  • iFix by GE 
  • Citect SCADA by Schnieder
  • Siemens WinCC (Windows Control Center) 
  • National Instruments Labview
  • Schneider Wonderware Intouch