Get More From Your IoT Investment

IoT sensors are fun to play with, but with L2L that IoT data finally achieves ROI.

The Problem:

IoT sensor solutions generate data that is silo'd and challenging to interpret with little follow up and no accountability, requiring costly AI and Machine Learning investments.

The CloudDISPATCH Difference:

We utilize IoT data to engage the workforce to take action to respond to only the most business impacting problems in a structured way that creates a sustainable continuous improvement environment that is driven by data, not emotion.
CloudDISPATCH works as an extension of your IoT sensor network by turning notifications and alerts into focused and organized responses from your most versatile and valuable sensor platform: your People.

Too much data, not enough wisdom?

With the advent of inexpensive sensors, we have traded the problem of "no data" for the bigger problem of "making sense of the data." As a result, we're seeing large investments in IoT translate into even larger investments in AI and Machine Learning. The hope is that with years of history, your AI might be able to provide insights. With big promises and very little ROI, pilots often fail.

Instead of getting stuck in pilot purgatory with your IoT data rotting in your new "Data Graveyard," we recommend using CloudDISPATCH to augment your data with the people and workflow context of the shop floor.

CloudDISPATCH's unique approach provides end users an easy method to digitize what they do, see, and hear during the very events your IoT sensors are capturing. This "hidden plant" chaos then turns into clean and accurate data that, when combined with IoT data, can drive problem solving and sustainable continuous improvement.


We Play Nice. Really Nice.

Integration is a cinch. Our simple Rest Based Web Service API allows you to use IoT data to trigger human workflows and reactive protocols that result in real business impact.

Your current system may...

  • Be a technology looking for a problem to solve
  • Have a questionable ROI when scaling beyond the pilot footprint
  • Lack the critical shop floor context to make sense of the data

...but with L2L...

  • You can pinpoint where IoT investment could solve real business problems
  • You can quickly identify other areas in the plant with the same problem to solve and the current costs of failures
  • You get a fully integrated and detailed data for training AI models

...which ultimately results in...

  • A clear justification for IoT investments
  • Successful IoT deployments demonstrating tangible value
  • Accurate results from your AI and Machine Learning systems that delivers business value

Common Areas of IoT Integration

Product Completions

Product Completions

Scrap Counts

Scrap Counts

Machine Data for Predictive Maintenance

Machine Data for Predictive Maintenance

Triggering Human Workflows

Triggering Human Workflows

Easy IoT Integrations

Our Rest Based Web Service API makes it easy to connect from any IoT sensor or IoT platform. Any device or system that can make an HTTPS/SSL port 443 web request can send us data. Contact us for more information. We would love to help make your IoT project successful.