Get More From Your BI Tools

We aren't a general Business Intelligence tool, but you'll love our manufacturing data in your dashboards.

The Problem:

The data needed by BI Tools is inaccurate, missing, and in most cases wrong. To make matters worse, it's often locked in Excel, Microsoft Access, or on whiteboards.

The CloudDISPATCH Difference:

We liberate this "hidden plant" data by bringing the people and workflows into a cloud-based platform that users love and data scientists drool over.
CloudDISPATCH dovetails nicely with your corporate Business Intelligence Tools to solve the shop floor data collection problem in a way that delivers game changing results to end users and critical visibility to Management.

CloudDISPATCH solves the data collection problem

Let's face it: Manufacturing data is dirty and spread through multiple systems per plant with "standard metrics" calculated differently on a plant by plant basis. It's common that a single enterprise will have multiple ERPs, MES solutions, SCADA systems, and quality management tools, not to mention the hundreds of Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, and home grown solutions.

CloudDISPATCH's unique approach provides end users an easy path to digitize those manual methods, integrate those disparate systems, and harmonize the "hidden plant" chaos into clean and accurate data that drives sustainable continuous improvement.

This results is manageable and intelligible data for use in all of your business intelligence projects.


We Play Nice. Really Nice.

Integration is a cinch. Our simple Rest Based Web Service API allows you to pull clean summarized data that is "Dashboard Ready".

Your current system may...

  • Require a cascade of digitization projects to get access to the data
  • Require costly investments in hardware to house the raw data
  • Lack the critical shop floor context to make sense of the data

...but with L2L...

  • Teams digitize their own workflows and processes with no heavy lifting from IT
  • You leverage our dedicated Cloud Infrastructure at a low monthly subscription
  • You get a fully integrated digital tracking system

...which ultimately results in...

  • A dramatically shorter time frame to bring BI projects to completion
  • Additional resources to spend on other more critical business objectives
  • Incredible drill down to capabilities from your BI Dashboard to low-level machine issues

Common Areas of BI Tool Integration

Product Completions

Production Metrics

Labor Numbers

Labor Numbers

Maintenance KPIs

Maintenance KPIs

Abnormal Event Impacts

Abnormal Event Impacts


The following is a list of systems we commonly integrate with. 

  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Domo
  • Qlik