Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose CloudDISPATCH™

Our solution removes investment risk, eliminates execution risk, and brings to the table experience and best practices.

What does a subscription include?

Our subscription includes all hardware, server and database licenses, network backbone connection, technical support, application expertise, and unique deployment expertise. This eliminates server license costs, capital equipment, administrators, training, etc. needed to maintain data-center equipment – it’s in our service and part of our subscription. Support costs aren’t separate – they’re included in the subscription.

What do I need to have?

You only need a device with a web browser and sufficient Internet connectivity to reach our URL.

Which internet browsers & devices can I use?

Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are all supported. You can use your iPad, smartphone, desktop or laptop, Mac or PC, and even TVs that are set up with Internet connectivity.

Who pays for development?

The development of the application is leveraged over a huge number of sites, and the cost of development is spread over the entire customer base instead of one site.

How do I apply upgrades?

Upgrades of the database, servers, licenses, etc. are also included in your subscription, as well as the work on the part of our application experts.

What if I want to change solutions?

There are no assets on the balance sheet to absorb if you make the business decision to change solutions. We’re a subscription service, which means you pay only for what you use, and maintain the flexibility to move to another solution depending on your business needs.

How are we be better than an internal IT team?

Leading2Lean assumes all execution risk. Many businesses have tried to develop solutions internally and returned to us. We’re experts in the nuances of data management and plant floor support, and we’re years down the line in the evolution of our best practices and methods. This is what we do, and this is all we do. We’ve been successful in 100% of our deployments.

Where are Leading2Lean’s resources spent?

Resources are dedicated to maturing the application, developing additional functionality, and extending value. This includes ongoing bug fix – test resources to validate fixes and new functionality – as well as ongoing use and configuration, integration, etc. That means 24/7 Emergency Response as well as regular support during working hours, access to a community of users through our Customer Kaizen Coop, and redundant data centers that allow multi-homing for disaster prep at no additional cost.

Can I control integration if I want to?

Yes – we provide web service, API, and teach your team how to use it in order to pull data from or send data to our system. We don’t pull or insert data into your system – ever. You control your system information and decide what pushes on to our system or what you want from it. Our process can stand alone and doesn’t require integration.

What is Leaing2Lean’s deployment experience for this application?

We have 8 years of deployment experience in this application and its use. We facilitate access to other sites in our customer base to provide benchmarking. Having 100% in our deployments thus far, we can leverage the practices and lessons from every deployment for every customer into each following deployment. Our trainers are experienced in manufacturing operation and maintenance, not just IT – we focus on the whole solution, not just the technology.

How is Leading2Lean’s success connected to mine?

We assure that you’re successful economically. If you aren’t successful, then we aren’t either. Because you’re free to change solutions at any time, we’re committed to continually proving ourselves as the best service for your business. Because both our revenue and reputation depend on your success, our resources are your resources. Our goals are always 100% customer satisfaction and continued subscriptions.

Can I automatically log into a Dispatch screen?

If you have a terminal that you’d like to have automatically log in to a specific Dispatch screen, you can use our Auto-Login feature. This was intended to be used for displays that always show the same screen, such as an Andon board, but you can use it however you like. This feature is typically used on terminals set up in ‘kiosk’ mode.

Can I add CloudDISPATCH™ to the home screen on my phone or tablet?

1. Open up your web browser on your mobile device, and navigate to the Leading2Lean page you’d like to have on your home screen.

2. Follow the steps in this tutorial for your device.

How can I receive support for a specific issue?

Submit a support ticket online! Please be as detailed as possible in your submission.