Why Traditional CMMS Will Let You Down

A production line goes down and maintenance is called over the radio. No one shows up.

The Production Supervisor contacts the Maintenance Manager, who scrambles to find a technician to check out the issue.

Sixty minutes later a Maintenance Technician shows up and begins to troubleshoot the issue. He comes back with a part and changes it out on the machine, but the issue isn’t resolved, so he goes back to troubleshooting and calls an engineer...three hours later, the machine is up and running.

Production records four hours of downtime, the next fix is urgent so a work-order never
gets recorded, and a spare part was lost that didn’t need to be used. Sound familiar?

This is the kind of situation a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is
intended to address, but for many factories, CMMS doesn’t work--at least not the way we’d like it to. Why is that?

To learn why traditional CMMS no longer fits the modern factory and what Maintenance operations of today need in order to succeed, read Why Traditional CMMS Will Let You Down.



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