Q4 Product Updates Are Here!

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    A few months ago, we announced the launch of some exciting new features: a brand-new product called TeamBoard and a next-generation Operator Portal. Today, I'm excited to tell you that beta testing is complete, and we're ready to make these improvements available to all customers!

    TeamBoard: Your Digital SQDC Board

    Designed to help plant leaders display their SQDC data in digital format, L2L TeamBoard lets you manage daily stand-up meetings and team huddles all on a single interactive screen.

    With other L2L modules like Dispatch and Production capturing all your important plant data, you can now display that data on L2L’s TeamBoard for an overall view of your department’s KPIs.

    Learn more about TeamBoard General Availability.

    Operator Portal: Turbocharged Efficiency

    We've made some major upgrades to the Operator Portal to help frontline workers do their best work. Real-time notifications, a new eKanban display for order-based production schedules, improved support for daily standard work ... the list goes on and on!

    Learn more about Operator Portal General Availability.