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Tips & Tricks: TeamBoard General Availability

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    Connected workers need the right level of information in order to have meaningful stand-up meetings every day. With powerful drill-in capabilities, L2L’s TeamBoard gets to the right level of detail to inform team discussions and drive decision-making on the shop floor.

    Today, L2L announces the general availability of the L2L TeamBoard. This powerful tool includes the following recently-announced features:

    • Multi-level filters - Personalize to your org chart to instantly start stand-up meetings
    • Shift Handover Notes - Create, dismiss, and review historical notes between shifts.
    • Schedule Attainment - personalize widgets to your see your unique schedule 
    • Widget Drill-in - Take a closer look at acute problems on your shop floor

    The TeamBoard's ability to enhance visibility, streamline communication, and provide real-time insights makes it an invaluable asset for all manufacturing workers. With L2L’s TeamBoard, connected workers can navigate their shifts with confidence, address challenges proactively, and contribute to the overall success of their team.

    L2L's TeamBoard is available today as part of the L2L Connected Workforce Platform.