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Tips & Tricks: Operator Portal General Availability

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    Connected workers on the shop floor understand the critical importance of having the right information at the right time. L2L's new Operator Portal emerges as a game-changer for operators, providing a suite of features designed to seamlessly deliver actionable data throughout the operator’s workday.

    New efficiency-enhancing features in the Operator Portal include:

    • Alert Bell - Operator gets notification from machine and contextualizes with dispatch type or reason code
    • eKanban Queue - Switch between orders seamlessly to maximize productivity. 
    • Standard Work - See assigned checklists and daily work without switching screens. 
    • Demand vs. Actuals - Use real-time machine data to track performance over your shift. 

    By harnessing the capabilities of real-time data, seamless task management, and performance tracking, L2L’s Operator Portal empowers workers to achieve more every day. 

    The Operator Portal is now available for purchase as part of L2L’s Production Module, part of L2L’s Connected Workforce Platform.