New Product Feature: Operator Portal

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Operator Portal (3)

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    L2L's single-screen interface for Production Operators saves time with AI functionality built in. 

    Visibility and responsiveness drive success on the production line. L2L’s new Operator Portal gives operators just that with a single-screen interface that ensures full visibility to production and easy-to-use problem-solving tools. Now, operators can see issues and address them quickly — before production output slips.  

    L2L’s clean, simple user interface includes real-time data about: 

    • Line Status
    • Order Details
    • Order Completion %
    • Defect Rate
    • Defect Code


    Built with AI-powered insights, L2L’s Operator Portal lets operators navigate prompts related to scrap, disruption fixes, and larger production issues quickly and precisely. One-click selections of common reason codes, durations, and fixes save workers time and improve job performance.

    With the Operator Portal, your workers can spend more time maximizing throughput and less time navigating software. 

    The Operator Portal is included in L2L's Production Module