Video - The Right Culture for Your Lean Production System

[Video Transcript] - Building a Lean Production System is difficult in the best of times. Trying to build a lean culture that contains the correct systems along with the correct management style can sometimes be difficult. But there seems to be a number of companies that have hit just the right recipe with a good helping of leadership and a mix of the right system to drive improvement.


Your Lean Production System Is Not Microwaveable 

The problem seems to come when organizations try to put their improvement process on high and attempt to create a culture around flooding the shop-floor with Kaizen events, 5S practices, as well as other lean initiatives. 

These initiatives forced onto the shop floor through brash and sometimes nuclear management tactics have the same effect as trying to microwave a hunk of meat for dinner. You can put a roast in a microwave and place it on high. You will quickly have a cooked piece of meat, but it's not going to taste good. And it's not going to look good. And it won't have the flavor we want, will be cooked.

Successful companies approach implementing their Lean Production Systems with the intent to create a culture that melds together all of the various lean tools to create something greater than the single ingredient. 

A Crock-Pot Recipe for Lean Production Systems

So, if I'm trying to prepare something special with that same cut of meat from earlier, I am going to prepare; I will ensure I have the right seasonings and cook it low and slow so that all of the ingredients mesh together to create an amazing, delicious meal.

Creating a good Lean Culture is a Crock-Pot mentality. Given the right time, the right temperature and the right ingredients, your Lean Production System will turn into an incredible base to launch additional projects, and that culture will permeate other initiatives such as your Safety program and your Quality program, as well as employee involvement initiatives.

So, by having the right ingredients and the patience to let it simmer, your culture will be something delicious.


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