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Integration Made Easy 

L2L CloudDISPATCH complements your existing systems by filling critical gaps left by ERP, MES, and SCADA/IOT solutions.

Enjoy a straight forward integration without the typical enterprise cost, delays, and run around.


Integrate in days
not months


Easy REST based
web service API


No rip and replace of legacy systems


Easy, no code


Flexible XML or JSON data formats


success rate

We understand how painful enterprise systems integration projects can be. We've taken a very different approach to make integration easy and lower drag on your busy IT resources.

Our modular approach enables you to achieve a global standard without ripping and replacing your legacy systems. You set the standard by choosing which modules fit your business needs. We then provide easy methods for integrating your existing systems when appropriate, and only if it makes business sense.

Our flexible platform provides a set of tools to achieve your business goals in a fraction of the time that traditional ERP and Enterprise system integrations traditionally require. And as a hosted SaaS platform, we stay engaged to help along every step of your journey. You can think of us as an extension of your IT team.

How do we work
with existing systems?

Reinventing the wheel is a waste. Our modular approach allows you to mix and match solutions to fit the gaps in your current manufacturing software stack. If you have an existing system in place to collect data, we make it easy and straight forward to leverage it.

If you're like thousands of other plants where systems don't currently exist, or are old and obsolete, we have streamlined operator interfaces that easily bridge the gap. We have a broad range of data collection methods to ensure you see results quickly without the traditional heavy lifting of other solutions.

CloudDISPATCH collects data directly from the source, combining human intelligence and machine data to get decision-makers the information they need in real-time.

By deploying CloudDISPATCH before MES or SCADA solutions, you can easily identify gaps in processes. In fact, you may discover that you don't need additional systems, which ultimately saves you time and money.

Learn how L2L Software Integrates with:

  • ERP
  • MES
  • CMMS
  • IoT
  • BI Tools

Security & Compliance

The security of your data is our utmost concern. We take security and compliance seriously. To that end, we've engineered our solution from the ground up to provide enterprise grade security, redundancy, availability, and durability of data. We know that your business and ours depends on it.
  • We are not a multi-tenant solution, which means we provide separate dedicated infrastructure per customer to ensure your data is not co-mingled with other customers data. All data is encrypted at rest.
  • All communications are encrypted over port 443 (SSL).
  • All traffic is outbound from your network, which means we never require open firewall ports.
  • We utilize Amazon Web Services so you can rest assured that physical and logical security are enterprise grade
  • For US Government related customers, we have access to the AWS GovCloud region to ensure security and regulatory compliance needs.
  • Have special industry compliance requirements? We have successful customers from heavily regulated industries with important requirements such as: 
    • U.S. Department of Defense (ITAR, FedRAMP, FISMA, etc.)
    • FDA Food and Pharmaceuticals (CFR 21 Part 11)
    • U.S. Department of Transportation
    • European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    • Nuclear Regulatory Requirements
    • AICPA SOC 2, ISO 27001

Buy vs. Build

For IT teams, task lists are long with important items that will improve the business. Why take them off critical projects just to reinvent the wheel? 

We see hundreds of operations each year. Our solutions benefit from the best ideas from the most innovative companies around the world.

CloudDISPATCH is a subscription service that handles all of the costs associated with traditional manufacturing software:

  • IT & Developer Costs
  • Server Costs
  • Software Licensing & Maintenance
  • Costly customization that must be upgraded with each new release

How Does L2L Fit into Your Plan?

Already have a plan? Great, we’ll help you accelerate it.

    • CloudDispatch is an extension to your existing plan and IT Team. We're here to help you get there faster.
    • No one has a plan for when the plan breaks down; that’s what event management and Dispatch is all about. This is the gap most existing systems miss, and why CloudDISPATCH is a great addition to your existing software stack.
    • We get it, enterprise software roll outs are difficult and time consuming. CloudDISPATCH can help bridge the gap for those manufacturing plants that need help now, but aren't on the current roll out schedule for months or years. There's no reason not to provide a quick win for those teams that really need help.

      No time to take on this project? No problem.

    • We are a Hosted SaaS solution which removes the heavy lifting from your IT team. In fact we become an extension to your team. 
    • We make your job easier by handling the support and implementation with the plant staff directly.
    • Our fast deployment and proven track record makes this is an easy win for your team.
    • Rest assured that we'll help you solve this problem fast with our world class solution.
    • 100% success rate, built from the shop floor up, so we know your users will like it.


  • ERP
    • SAP 
    • QAD
    • JD Edwards
    • Infor
    • Made2Manage
    • Netsuite
    • Plex
    • IQMS
  • MES
    • Apriso
    • SAP ME
    • Wonderware
    • Mannit
    • Itac
    • Ignition
    • PTC Kepware
  • CMMS
    • SAP PM
    • Maximo
    • MP2
    • eMaint (Fluke)
    • iMaint
  • IoT
  • BI Tools
    • Tableau
    • Power BI
    • Domo

3 Steps to Integrating with

Integration doesn't have to be hard. At L2L, we adapt to you. Every manufacturing site is unique, and we'll either help you develop a customized plan for integration, or help you accelerate the plan you already have. 
Schedule a call with one of our experts.
Work with us to determine a solution tailored to your needs.
Integrate via the API within days (not months).