The State of Digital Transformation in Manufacturing 2023

One of our most popular posts in 2022 analyzed survey responses from manufacturing professionals on their attitudes toward digital transformation and their companies' progress toward digitalization. Due to popular demand, we've updated the survey and created a new eBook that showcases our findings: "The State of Digital Transformation in Manufacturing 2023."

Digital transformation in manufacturing refers to the integration of digital technologies into manufacturing facilities and processes to improve operational efficiency, increase productivity, and drive innovation. It involves the use of advanced technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and data analytics to optimize the manufacturing process from design to delivery. For plant management and frontline workers, digital transformation provides the visibility and work instructions required to perform their jobs correctly, safely and efficiently.

Digital transformation is driven by the need for manufacturers to remain competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace. By leveraging digital technologies, companies can reduce costs, increase agility, and improve productivity.

Our 2023 survey data highlights some interesting findings:

  • Only 39% of respondents said their company had a well-defined transformation strategy
  • Just 7% of respondents said their transformations were going better than expected and 16% said their companies were stuck and not making progress
  • 30% claimed their companies are increasing their spend on digital transformation
  • 66% feel their companies are lagging behind competitors

Clearly, respondents to this survey feel an urgency to digitalize their operations but don't think their companies have made enough progress yet. However, they remain optimistic:

  • 48% expect digital transformation will bring significant cost savings to their operations
  • 39% expect digitalization will lead to improved quality
  • 32% believe it will create a happier, more engaged workforce 

The full Digital Transformation in Manufacturing report is packed with 20+ pages of statistics, charts, and practical findings that will help you understand your company's challenges and the solutions digital transformation offers.

Download the full report today!

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