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L2L Unveils Innovative Product Enhancements for Connected Workers

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    We have some exciting news to share from last week’s Connected Workforce Summit. L2L, the original connected workforce platform, is introducing five fantastic enhancements that will make the lives of frontline manufacturing workers much easier. Get ready for new worker portals, collaboration tools, a new L2L Team Board, incredible artificial intelligence-driven L2L Assist, and a new technical services team to ensure perfect execution. Let's dive into these innovations and see how they can help modernize and digitize your manufacturing processes.

    L2L Assist: Using Artificial Intelligence to Boost Worker Efficiency

    Remember how L2L has been incorporating AI-driven insights into frontline worker interfaces? Well, we’re taking it up a notch with L2L Assist! This new module harnesses the power of AI insights to recommend precisely the right parts, tools and procedures for whatever situation you throw at it. It's like having your own personal AI assistant giving you just what you need when you need it. With L2L Assist, accuracy and efficiency on the shop floor reach new heights, making your frontline workers even more effective.

    Technician and Operator Portals: Radically Simplifying Work for the Frontline 

    Onboarding and retaining workers just got a whole lot easier, thanks to L2L's technician and operator portals. These role-specific portals have been designed to provide maintenance technicians and operators with intuitive and efficient interfaces. Imagine having all your critical data, key performance indicators, and functions at yourundefined-4 fingertips, neatly displayed on a single screen. These portals are modern, mobile, and efficient ways for frontline workers to do their jobs. With AI assistance to guide them, completing tasks becomes a breeze, leading to increased efficiency, reduced downtime, and better overall performance. As work demands get harder, your frontline workers deserve the best tools that you can give them. They deserve L2L’s worker portals.

    Collaboration Tools: Connect, Share, and Learn Together

    We've all heard about the dreaded "tribal knowledge" problem in manufacturing. But fear not! L2L is here to bridge the gap and boost shop floor communication with the upcoming collaboration tools. Say goodbye to outdated communication methods and hello to real-time team-based success. These tools offer full smartphone functionalities such as live video, audio, chat, and screen sharing. Now, frontline workers can instantly connect with subject matter experts and access required instructions from anywhere. It's like having a virtual conference room in your pocket! Get ready to capture and share critical legacy knowledge while raising communication standards across the organization.

    L2L Team Board: Own Your Daily Stand-Up, Own the Day

    We all know the importance of a good start to the day. On a shop floor, the daily stand-up meeting sets the tone for the entire shift. With the new L2L Team Board, managers can ensure their connected workforce has a complete understanding of all aspects of that day’s work. With columns for safety, production, quality, and maintenance the L2L Team Board aligns priorities and ensures success in every part of your smart manufacturing business. With the L2L Team Board as your team’s starting point, you’ll own the day every day.

    Accelerate Time to Value with L2L Technical Services

    undefined-3L2L understands that every digital transformation journey is unique, which is why we have launched our new Technical Services team to accelerate and customize your L2L deployment. From implementation support to custom app creation and development, L2L Technical Services experts will ensure you get the most out of L2L. Need on-site technical support or project management assistance? We’ve got you covered. L2L Technical Services is your quickest way to ensure success.

    The Future Is Connected

    With L2L's groundbreaking innovations, the future of the connected workforce is brighter than ever. These new features - from L2L Assist's AI-driven recommendations to the technician and operator portals' simplified workflows - empower workers to excel in their roles. The collaboration tools ensure seamless communication and knowledge sharing, bridging workforce generational gaps and fostering a collaborative environment. L2L's commitment to optimizing the smart manufacturing space is evident, and with the Technical Services team by your side, success is within reach. Get ready to embrace a new era of productivity, efficiency, and innovation with L2L. Get ready for your connected workforce.