Video: Becoming Disruption Proof

Has there ever been a more important time to improve the way we do business? Plant leaders need incredible focus to battle the problems facing today’s manufacturing companies. Raw Material delays, labor shortages, safety protocols, and employee training, just to name a few. While shielding our factories against these disruptors is as important as ever, it's becoming increasingly difficult.

In a factory full of production lines stacked up with product orders, these disruptors can seem larger than they really are. We must first expose these disruptors, find their weak point and eliminate them. This is done by having a good Modern EAM system in place that captures, tracks and exposes all disruptors, in real-time. Then teams have the data and visibility they need to go solve the problems. Once good reliable data is available in real-time, plant leadership can quickly prioritize where their valuable resources need to be focused to realize measurable improvement.

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