L2L Pledges Support to Manufacturing During COVID-19

Leading2Lean Pledges Support to Manufacturing Sector During COVID-19 with Remote Work Capabilities

Company’s Lean Execution System platform features remote work capabilities that allow many plant floor operations to be performed offsite

SPARKS, Nev. – April 9, 2020 – Leading2Lean (L2L), the leading provider of plant floor Lean operations management solutions for manufacturers, announced today its client service level will continue unabated during the current COVID-19 pandemic. The company has also reinforced the remote work capabilities of its Lean Execution System software.


“We know our customers depend on our services and we want them to know that we are continuing to provide first class service to support their work during this pandemic,” said Keith Barr, CEO of L2L. “We understand how important our Lean Execution System (LES) platform is to production, maintenance, and other teams at our customer manufacturing sites. You can rest assured that our team at L2L is here to help and support you.”


L2L’s LES software is uniquely positioned to help manufacturers under challenging conditions. L2L was founded during the post-Great Recession period when increased efficiency was paramount. Additionally, the software allows many plant floor functions and management to be performed remotely, which gives manufacturers versatility to maintain social distance guidelines on the plant floors.


In recent weeks L2L’s partnership with customers in China, Europe, and other parts of the globe has enabled:

  • Real-time visibility of operations from any location (remote)
  • Increased agility and responsiveness in a rapidly changing environment
  • Do more with less (find and eliminate wasted effort quickly)
  • Achieve better resource utilization to counteract limited resource availability
  • Ability to reduce the number of people required on-site to continue operations
  • Ability to effectively operate while maintaining physical distancing protocols


All of the company’s employees have deep knowledge of best practices in security, real-time visibility, and productivity in a remote working environment. With a remote working environment, L2L also provides remote team training capabilities.


“We have 10+ years’ experience with remote work, making it core to our culture,” said Barr. “We understand that for manufacturers, many people will need to be on-site at the plant. However, we know from experience that there are opportunities to help your employees work from home, or within the plant while maintaining the right social distancing, something that is critical right now to limit transmission of the coronavirus.”


L2L recently conducted interviews with manufacturers that have successfully transitioned to working remotely, and included their responses and  best practices in this blog: Effectively Managing Your Plants Remotely..



Contact us for Free Remote Work Consulting

L2L is happy to provide any guidance or expertise that may be helpful at no cost. In times like these, L2L believes that we need to band together to help one another succeed.


For more information on remote work capabilities, please visit L2L’s Contact Us page and select “Remote workforce consulting.” Or contact L2L directly at 1 (877) 277-5201 or support@leading2lean.com.


Additional Resource:  2020 Global Manufacturing Virtual Summit

Due to COVID-19, L2L has fully transitioned the 2020 Summit to a free online event on May 12th. All the valuable manufacturing best practices and benchmarking of their in-person event, from the convenience of your computer, and at no cost. This free online summit offers the most concentrated opportunity of the year for maintenance, production, quality, IT, and leadership to gain actionable insight from other manufacturers. Register for the 2020 Global Manufacturing Virtual Summit today!


To learn more about Leading2Lean, please visit www.Leading2Lean.com.


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Founded in 2010, Leading2Lean provides manufacturing operations management solutions for manufacturers with its Lean Execution System software, CloudDISPATCH. It has integrated and easy-to-use lean tools that allow operators and managers to problem solve production abnormalities with real-time data that reveal the root cause problems that cause metric misses, all while creating a sustainable plant floor culture of continuous improvement. For more information, visit www.Leading2Lean.com.

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