L2L Introduces Powerful AI Functionality to Empower Frontline Manufacturing Teams

Upgrades to L2L Assist enabled by revolutionary "intelligence layer" within the L2L platform

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, June 6, 2024L2L, the global leader in connected workforce solutions, has unveiled powerful upgrades to L2L Assist, the AI functionality that guides frontline manufacturing workers to complete tasks more efficiently and effectively. These enhancements come in the wake of larger platform improvements announced at the Connected Workforce Summit in May.

L2L is leading the Connected Workforce category with innovation that uniquely unifies three leading-edge information technologies — artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence (BI), and rules-based process automation — into a single, combined framework for intelligent automation of manufacturing operations. Used together, these elements create a system that operates as an intelligence layer within the L2L platform to empower the plant workforce with immediate access to guidance, recommendations, and information. The result provides users with the most relevant solutions directly at the point of use.

L2L Assist can now instantly aggregate information with a penetrating search of large amounts of content from diverse sources, including L2L operational data, machine sensor data, computer vision, equipment manuals and documentation, corporate data lakes, and large language models. Fast improvements to daily operations are now possible with immediate answers to critical issues and questions.

The value of L2L Assist is profoundly enhanced by the straightforward experience of its natural-language interface. Conversational interaction with L2L Assist provides users with transparent, seamless, and simultaneous access to the combined power of all three of the intelligence layer components — AI, BI, and rules processing technologies — while hiding the complexity of the underlying technology.

L2L Assist now drives greater improvements to Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and other productivity metrics by enabling:

  • Improved Performance: L2L Assist triggers proactive notifications when it observes reduced manufacturing output. AI-driven insights guide users to the root causes and recommend actions to resolve issues, boosting throughput and performance.

  • Greater Availability: L2L Assist identifies patterns of disruptions and minor stops to anticipate future issues, ensuring preventative maintenance is scheduled appropriately. Data-driven recommendations for adjusting the timing and frequency of preventive maintenance to address root cause issues and reduce the frequency of breakdowns.

  • Improved Quality: L2L Assist continuously monitors quality, detecting anomalies, alerting teams to issues, and suggesting potential causes and remediation. It also delivers recommended actions to prevent future quality issues, such as overlooked steps in maintenance procedures.

"We are tremendously excited about L2L Assist," said Rich Caplow, VP of Product at L2L. "It is a game-changer in turning all these vast pools of manufacturing data into actionable insights. And it provides practical, intuitive guidance to frontline workers that empowers them and enables their employers to make the most of their workforces."

Learn more about L2L Assist and practical guidance for using AI in manufacturing settings during a live webinar at 1 PM ET on June 12, 2024. Webinar registration is available at this link.

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