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New Product Available: L2L Flow Engine

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    Manufacturing plants are full of valuable data. The problem is that this data is often inaccessible to the people who need it most: frontline workers. Legacy industrial software can silo data and make it nearly impossible for employees to get the right information at the right time. To make sure your workers can do their jobs well, you need a way to connect and activate critical data across your plant.

    This is where L2L’s newest innovation, L2L FlowEngine, comes in.

    Liberate data to drive smarter decisions

    L2L FlowEngine is a low-code solution that helps manufacturers unlock their data to empower workers and improve business outcomes. Its next-gen capabilities enable everyone in the plant to make better, faster decisions — accelerating productivity and efficiency at every turn.

    With L2L FlowEngine’s intelligent algorithms, you can easily set parameters, monitor processes, and ensure workers take the right actions at the right times with condition-based workflows. Our solution’s key benefits include:

    • Data Integration: Turn disparate data into a single source of truth that keeps everyone on the same page. L2L FlowEngine lets you quickly import and export legacy system data and integrate it with L2L. Plus, ongoing data synchronization keeps your data current across systems.

    • Automated Decision-Making: Intelligent algorithms automate a wide range of decision-making processes, ensuring workers follow standards and receive the right guidance. From quality issue escalation to predictive analytics, L2L FlowEngine’s automation use cases drive maximum productivity.

    • Accelerated Onboarding: With intelligent task-level guidance, L2L FlowEngine speeds up employee onboarding and helps new workers perform like seasoned veterans in weeks, not months.

    • Simplified Compliance: Complying with government regulations and stringent quality standards is easier with critical data in one place. Real-time monitoring and enforcement of standards ensures your teams maintain compliance and minimize risks.

    • Faster Innovation: Using a customizable rules framework, users can experiment with new processes and strategies without disrupting production.

    Screenshot of workflows built within L2L FlowEngine

    Turn data into action with L2L FlowEngine

    Empower your workforce to perform their best with clear guidance and prescriptive actions. L2L FlowEngine supercharges your shop floor with the power of intelligent automation, so frontline workers can solve problems faster and plant leaders can make more informed decisions. 

    For more information on L2L FlowEngine’s benefits and use cases, download our L2L FlowEngine brochure or connect with one of our experts at sales@l2l.com.