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New Product Feature: Machine Dashboard

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    Good news, L2L Dispatch users — the process for creating and managing dispatches just got a lot easier.

    When a machine needed servicing before, there was no single source of truth you could reference for that machine's data, including current status, maintenance history, comments, and more. That information was scattered across Dispatch, requiring technicians and operators to look in multiple places for a complete picture of machine history. Launching a dispatch was hardly easier. Before, you had to open up your device and make selections for Area, Line, and Machine and then enter dispatch details. 

    But with our new Machine Dashboard feature, these problems are a thing of the past. 


    What is the Machine Dashboard?

    Machine Dashboards are centralized, easy-to-understand pages within Dispatch that display real-time data about each machine, including:

    • Machine status

    • Current open dispatches

    • Dispatch history

    • Spares inventory and types

    • Bill of materials

    The Machine Dashboard is where you can find everything you need to diagnose an issue, locate the right parts, and get the machine back up and running. Plus, you can easily launch a dispatch — with the machine's info already filled in — with one click.

    How do I access Machine Dashboards?

    Whether you're an administrator or a technician, pulling up a Machine Dashboard in Dispatch is simple. You can get there in a few different ways:

    • Using your mobile device, you can scan a QR code that's placed on the machine to pull up its designated Machine Dashboard

    • Access any Machine Dashboard through your Tech Portal

    • Drill down to a Machine Dashboard from your Maintenance Dashboard

    • Additionally, you can get to a Machine Dashboard from a Machine Detail screen

    Benefits of this feature

    With the new Machine Dashboard feature, operators, technicians, and managers alike can solve maintenance issues faster and with fewer steps. This saves you precious time on the shop floor and creates a much less frustrating work environment for your employees.

    With centralized equipment data, Machine Dashboards consolidate important information about each machine and display a clear picture of mechanical problems and solutions. They're also mobile-friendly, so users can access a full view of machine data from anywhere in the plant. 

    Discover how this and many other features of L2L Dispatch can help you boost productivity and efficiency in your plant. Book a demo with us today!