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New Module: L2L TeamBoard

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    In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, efficiency and real-time data are key to success. That's why we're thrilled to introduce TeamBoard, the newest module for L2L, designed to transform daily tier meetings with real-time shop floor data.

    In this short video, see how TeamBoard unites teams around a complete view of plant data.

    Get More Done with L2L TeamBoard

    Simply put, TeamBoard is a digital SQDC board that helps connected workers meet their daily production commitments using a succinct, real-time platform. It’s designed to address common challenges faced during daily tier meetings, also known as shift standups or huddles. 

    Traditional meeting structure involves analog charts and paper notebooks instead of real-time data teams need to identify and solve their most pressing issues. With TeamBoard, slow, inefficient meetings are a thing of the past. 

    Here’s how the platform improves productivity and accountability:

    • Automated Data-Gathering: Digital SQDC boards automatically populate with up-to-date factory data, displaying critical production metrics on easy-to-understand dashboards.

    • Simple Configurability: You can tailor TeamBoard to meet the unique needs of your plant with customizable widgets. Visualize data across tiers, ensuring that no issues go ignored in your meetings.

    • Accelerated Problem-Solving: TeamBoard digitizes corrective action processes, helping teams visualize problems and delegate fixes faster.

    • Comprehensive Data Analysis: Drill-up and drill-down capabilities let you visualize plant data from every tier using colorful charts and graphs.

    • Effective Communication Tools: TeamBoard streamlines team communication with built-in note-sharing capabilities and simplified escalation procedures — so the right tasks are always assigned to the right people.

    • Time-Saving Benefits: SQDC dashboards always show up-to-the-minute data, minimizing prep time and keeping meetings short. TeamBoard saves you even more time by helping you standardize best practices, reducing the need for training.

    • L2L Dispatch Integration: TeamBoard integrates with L2L Dispatch to keep track of corrective actions. This gives users access to all of Dispatch's features, including workflow and reporting tools.

    See L2L TeamBoard in Action

    TeamBoard MVP.png_compressed

    Start Every Shift with L2L TeamBoard

    TeamBoard is a real-time, efficient, and user-friendly platform that transforms daily tier meetings. With its productivity and accountability-boosting benefits, TeamBoard is an indispensable tool for uniting teams around operational excellence.

    Learn more about how TeamBoard can dramatically improve productivity, accountability, and efficiency in your plant.

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