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    L2L's new TeamBoard module aligns team goals and mobilizes workers to achieve more. 

    SQDC whiteboards are frequently used during daily stand-up meetings. But how often do your workers leave those meetings inspired and empowered to execute on the plan?

    Rather than leaving your inspiration up on the whiteboard, let L2L’s TeamBoard bring that inspiration directly to the shop floor — mobilizing your workforce to take the right actions that drive success.

    The L2L TeamBoard is a single-screen digital SQDC board with customizable widgets that display real-time results and unite your connected workforce around meaningful goals. Once your team is aligned, you can use L2L’s Dispatches to drive the right actions and establish accountability for results. When your team achieves, the results will be visible to everyone so you can celebrate victory with the whole team. 


    Your success depends on mobilizing your entire connected workforce. Don’t leave your best ideas stuck on a whiteboard. Put them into action with L2L TeamBoard.