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L2L’s Translation Capabilities: Tan Facil!

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    Your shop floor is a gathering place of cultures and languages. Multilingual workforces are common and you need to ensure that everyone can work toward the same goal despite language differences. L2L’s new translation feature breaks down previously existing language barriers and allows your employees to communicate naturally while completely understanding what is being said within the L2L tool. 

    With the press of a single “translate” button, all comments in L2L text fields are easily translated into the native language of the user. This new translation feature complements the user interface that is already available in 24 different languages. So if you’re a native Portuguese speaker, you can use L2L easily, translating any comments that your English-speaking co-workers wrote into your native tongue. 


    Translate the following fields:

    • Dispatch Descriptions 
    • Dispatch Notes
    • Dispatch Action Comments
    • Component Comments
    • Operator Portal Comments


    There is no additional fee to get started. Translation services are executed through Google Translate, so all you’ll need is a Google account (Google charges may apply), but that’s it. Don’t settle for important shop floor messages getting lost in translation. Click the link below to find out how your employees can start using the translate button today and ensure that your multilingual shop floor is all “speaking the same language” in L2L. 

    How to get started: L2L Translate