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    Can a custom app change your workers' satisfaction with their job? With L2L Studio, you can create productivity-enhancing, efficiency-producing, frontline worker-delighting custom apps that have everyone saying "yes"! 

    Introducing L2L Studio!

    Say you’re about to order a perfect ice cream snack, but there’s only one type of cone. Shouldn’t you be able to decide how to shape and enjoy your ice cream experience?

    L2L Studio does just that. It allows you to put that L2L flavor in new “cones” — that is, new app experiences designed and built by you.

    How does it work? What are the benefits? Here’s what you need to know!

    What is L2L Studio?

    Here’s the truth: No matter how hard we try, L2L can’t necessarily anticipate and provide for every use case. Luckily, we have a secret weapon: You. L2L Studio puts you in the driver’s seat.

    But what is it?

    L2L Studio is our fast, efficient no-code app builder. Its goal is to help take L2L’s current offerings to the next level for your frontline workers — not everyone else’s. After all, your people, processes and approaches are unique, so your L2L experience should be, too.

    Unlike some app builders out there, L2L Studio doesn’t demand a rocket-scientist level of expertise. Instead, this drag-and-drop tool allows you to create, customize and scale apps no matter who you are. Better yet, everything you build has cloud-based deployment, which means an app designed in one plant can be quickly and easily shared with your entire organization.

    Why IT leaders will love it

    L2L Studio requires approximately two skills: dragging and dropping. This simple but powerful app creation platform allows you to produce high-value solutions in short periods of time. There’s no complex learning curve, and you certainly won’t have multiple interfaces or convoluted logic to juggle.

    It’s just an easy app-building experience — no strings attached.

    Why production managers will love it

    If you’re a production manager, you interact with frontline workers every day — which means you know where their pain points are. With L2L Studio, you don’t have to shrug and offer an out-of-the-box solution that doesn’t quite address their needs; instead, you can provide customized apps catered to your unique situation.

    Plus, there’s always the chance that your people are experiencing an entirely novel issue. If that’s the case, you can use L2L Studio to cook up a new solution.

    At the end of the day, L2L Studio is about making sure frontline workers are as productive as possible, helping them see their own value by enabling them to better leverage innate skills.

    What can you do with L2L Studio?

    There’s just one answer to that question: just about anything.

    With L2L Studio, we’re giving you the platform, data, opportunity and scalability — now, it’s up to you to utilize your talents and imagination to find opportunities for improvement. After all, you’re in the best position to optimize your environment for frontline workers.

    Think about it this way: Your people have a variety of interactions, both big and small, that contribute to their overall work experience. An out-of-the-box solution might only handle 75% of these elements. L2L Studio, on the other hand, allows you to address and improve any portion of the frontline worker’s life.

    Say you need a quick way to respond to machine downtime. With L2L Studio up your sleeve, you can build an app that alerts all relevant stakeholders, shuts down impacted portions of the production line and even highlights next steps. Better yet, you can roll it out to all your other plants thanks to L2L’s cloud deployability.

    A sneak peek at L2L Studio benefits

    Want a sneak peek at what you can expect from L2L Studio? Take a look (but you didn’t hear it from us):

    Citizen developers

    Our no-code app-building experience is its own benefit. Even “citizen developers” will be able to participate, which means you can build cross-departmental teams to design apps that work for everyone.

    Maximized offerings

    L2L’s current offerings include a huge database of info from every aspect of the manufacturing facility. L2L Studio allows you to draw from that pool of data and enhance your experience by finding the unique pieces of info that are important to you and bringing them together.


    One app is good, but 10 is better. Share your creation with different departments and locations to get even more return on your investment.


    L2L Studio allows you to build apps that simplify onboarding and training processes. For example, a new employee might just scan a QR code and get instant access to walk-throughs, how-to guides and explainer videos.


    Frontline workers are the heart and soul of manufacturing. With L2L Studio, you can improve every aspect of their experience and keep them safe, happy and productive.

    Be one of the first L2L Studio users

    Are you tired of cookie-cutter solutions for frontline workers? Do you want to see the power of no-code app building? Are you ready to put L2L ice cream in your own personalized cone?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place. Book a demo today to see what L2L Studio can do for you!