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Simpler Connectivity Is Better: Why We Acquired Accumine

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    At L2L, we’re committed to making Smart Manufacturing more accessible. This means making it more practical, less expensive, and faster to deploy. 

    With this in mind, we’re excited to announce our acquisition of Accumine, an IIoT hardware and software firm based in London, Ontario. Accumine’s connectivity solutions simplify the process of digitizing shop floor machine data, and that’s something we can really get behind. 

    Modern manufacturers need a powerful data collection and aggregation system to keep everything moving in concert and get product out the door. Accumine’s hardware (SensorBots and edge Gateways) does that simply and effectively, even in manufacturing environments where network connectivity is difficult.

    We’ll be combining Accumine’s hardware with our broader connectivity software into a new solution called L2L Connect. L2L Connect will automatically aggregate data from shop floor machines and enterprise software systems into the L2L Smart Manufacturing platform to provide real-time visibility and enable condition-based and cycle-base maintenance programs. 

    One thing that you can always expect from L2L is a simple and high-value solution to your manufacturing issues. L2L Connect is no exception. Easy-to-install SensorBot hardware and pre-built SCADA connectors give you real time system and machine-level insights without the typical set-up, integration expense, or networking headaches. L2L Connect setup typically takes less than 1 hour and can be done by almost anyone. We want customers capturing and using data, not installing hardware and software. 

    Once you’ve got L2L Connect set up, you’ll be able to automatically access over 25 types of machine data from your own machine sensors or from legacy SCADA systems throughout your plant. You can collect production actuals, keep a tally of real-time scrap count, and monitor your machines’ health in real time, without wasting any labor hours entering data.  

    With L2L Connect, you can do more than ever behind the scenes. Automatically import machine data into L2L and open up a variety of predictive maintenance possibilities within our L2L Dispatch and L2L Maintenance modules. You can even establish criteria-based alerts for each of your machines so that you won’t be surprised by line-stopping machine failures again. 

    It feels great to make this announcement and welcome Accumine’s customers and employees into the L2L family. We’re excited to bring L2L Connect’s new data collection, analysis, and alert-triggering capabilities to market. We believe that creating a simple, cost-effective way to collect and utilize data will allow our customers to stop worrying about digital transformation and start focusing on winning.