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Engaging an Aging Workforce in Digital Transformation with CMMS

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    These are exciting times! For the first time in the history of the United States, we live and work alongside five (5) generations! Can you imagine? Just amazing. 

    These unprecedented work climate changes (don't worry—not that kind of climate change) present opportunities that were never dreamed of before: the young, the young-ish, and the not quite so young all working side by side in perfect harmony. Ah, the joy! The symbiosis. 

    Stop the presses! We interrupt this group hug Kumbaya moment for some late breaking news! Along with these never before seen circumstances come some never before tackled challenges. 

    On the off chance that everything in your plant is not all sunshine and roses all the time, here's something to think about: Does your CMMS or maintenance management system help unify your maintenance workforce?

    With Traditional CMMS, Maintenance Struggles...

    Your teams work to overcome these mindsets every day:

    • We've always done it this way.
    • I don't want to sit in front of some computer tied to my desk all day.
    • iWhats? You can't trust those thing-a-ma-jigs! 
    • They're not reliable. We lose power, my clipboard still works.


    "What you talkin' bout, Willis?" "You're killing me, Smalls!"

    Cue the blank stare from your Gen X-Y-Zer/Millennials upon hearing these references. What's your CMMS doing to help? 

    With traditional CMMS, Maintenance organizations struggle to retain critical knowledge as technicians retire. With a maintenance management system designed to capture that knowledge and make it available at your fingertips, (long after the old timers have gone) valuable knowledge is retained. 

    This helps bridge the gaps between Baby Boomers and the less Boomed, also known as Millennials. L2L's CloudDISPATCH gives them an easy to use, reliable platform to share knowledge across generations. You let your grandkids program your VCR back in the day. Let these Junior Achievers help you capture and preserve your wealth of knowledge. They love teaching us old dogs new tricks. They can show us how to download every app we could possibly need after they explain what 'apps' are. Phones and tablets are portable, easy to use, and still work when the power goes out. 

    With the Right CMMS, Maintenance Wins!

    Embrace this opportunity to learn from another generation: this street runs both directions. They love our stories about walking uphill to school in 3 feet of snow and hearing about phones that used to be mounted on walls. They regale us with new words and how to effectively use emojis and acronyms. 

    With the right CMMS, Maintenance gains a smooth transition to the future. Before you know it, it'll be time to hand off the baton and pick up the fishing rod, but you'll know your hard-earned knowledge will continue to live on without you. 

    Remember, there's a big difference between Old School and old fashioned. Learning and working together, sharing what you know and combining it with what other generations know. Doesn't that sound like a great way to work? Most CMMS can't bridge generational gaps. It's one of the many ways traditional CMMS falls short. Check out our free eGuide to discover why CMMS will let you down–and what you can do to address those shortcomings. 

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