L2L’s Digital Safety Cross: Bringing Safety Onto the Shop Floor

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Safety Cross

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    When workers hear the words, “Safety Cross”, most of the time they think of a paper poster or a whiteboard on their shop wall that details how many days it has been since an incident took place. Now, L2L is taking that static and easy-to-ignore poster and bringing it to life for every employee. 


    With L2L’s new Safety Cross feature, employees can see a synopsis of their shop floor’s safety incidents on a daily, monthly, weekly, and yearly basis. A counter keeps track of the days since the last major and minor incidents. If additional details are needed, a single click will take the user to a list of safety dispatches from the desired time period for analysis. 

    We hope that bringing this Safety Cross into the L2L tool and onto users’ tablets will promote additional safety awareness and fewer incidents on the shop floor. To learn more, click here.