Senior Leadership Team

John Davagian photo

John Davagian


John joined L2L from Salsify, a product experience platform empowering manufacturers, where he was the Chief Revenue Officer, leading the company through substantial customer and revenue growth during his tenure. Prior to Salsify, he held senior leadership roles at TimeTrade and Brainshark where he also developed and led high-growth SaaS businesses. John is also an advisor and board member in the SaaS community supporting early and mid-stage companies where he focuses on go-to-market scale, productivity, and strategy.

Bob Argyle

Bob Argyle


Bob Argyle is a 30-year veteran of the manufacturing industry. He brings great insight and knowledge of manufacturing to Leading2Lean and their clients. Bob knows the plant floor because he has spent time there in maintenance, engineering and operations management. As CCO, Bob works with the customer in all industries to help implement Leading2Lean’s proprietary Lean Execution System (LES), CloudDISPATCH. He oversees product implementations, ongoing support and helps customers maintain continuous improvement.

Bob is an expert in lean manufacturing and has deep experience in manufacturing operations, maintenance, quality and automation engineering. He has a core belief that winners in the new era of Manufacturing 4.0 will be the companies that combine the power of new technologies with the insight and creativity of the human mind.

A defining moment in Bob’s career occurred when the automotive industry announced mandatory airbags in all vehicles. At the time, his automotive OEM production team was faced with the nearly impossible task of producing more airbag systems at a much lower cost while maintaining the critical quality of the products: airbags must always work for the life of the car they are installed in. During this time, Bob was fortunate to be mentored by Senseis from Toyota’s OMCD group to learn the Toyota production system and culture. This mentorship included three years of hands-on mentoring by Toyota in Bob’s facility as well as many visits to the Toyota Tsutsumi facility in Japan.

“The human brain is still the greatest asset any company has.” -Bob Argyle

Tyler Whitaker

Tyler Whitaker


Tyler Whitaker is a successful development leader of large-scale software platforms and solutions. He is also an entrepreneur with deep experience in engineering, computer security and tech support. Tyler serves as both chief technology officer (CTO) and chief operating officer (COO). He controls a wide range of Leading2Lean’s operations including software development and security, sales engineering, and policy compliance to make sure the company’s customers have the best support and best results in the industry.

Tyler has been a part of the SaaS movement since the late 1990s, when he worked with a call center SaaS provider that pioneered the use of computer and telephone integration with’s CRM platform. Since that time, Tyler has worked with various companies providing SaaS solutions to both businesses and individuals, using large petabyte scale distributed infrastructure to deliver enterprise grade availability and redundancy.

Tyler has seen firsthand the transformative benefits of technology wielded by an engaged, creative workforce. For the last eight years, he has had a leading role in almost every aspect of Leading2Lean’s operations. Tyler was also critical in the design and deployment of the company’s award-winning Lean Execution System CloudDISPATCH software. During development of the software, it was his call to create a cloud-based system that allows the software to interact with existing systems, is easy to update, and improves with each passing day as best practices are shared across the network and are instantly adopted.

“The Cloud is not the future of manufacturing – it is here now and manufacturing operations and IT leadership should embrace it.” – Tyler Whitaker


Mark Hungerford

VP of Global Customer Support

Mark leads our Global Customer Support and Implementation team, which manages the implementation, support, and training for Leading2Lean products. Mark and his team ensures that L2L solutions are driving results and meeting customers’ strategic goals and objectives.

Mark has 10 years of experience with a global consumer electronics manufacturer with a focus on Lean and TPM transformations. His extensive background in maintenance and operations leadership allows Mark to become an extension of L2L customers’ Continuous Improvements and Production teams. He is a graduate of North Carolina State University’s Maintenance and Reliability Program and also has a B.A degree in Business Administration from the University of Northwestern Ohio.

Corey Olsen

Corey Olsen

Vice President, Engineering

Corey is responsible for engineering and development initiatives including coordinating product and project requirements with individual developers, product management, support, and sales and marketing teams. He received a BS in Computer Science from BYU. Previous employers include Citrix, Trade West Systems, and Sling TV.

Clark Carlile

Clark Carlile

VP Sales and Business Development

Clark joined the L2L team in September of 2018 and leads our sales and business development team.  He has over 30 years of manufacturing experience including, manufacturing engineering, design engineering, process engineering, operations management, international startups, and custom automation solutions.

Clark is a graduate of Brigham Young University in Manufacturing Engineering Technology.   His experience in lean manufacturing, engineering, operations and custom automated equipment allows him to build relationships centered on trust and experience, bringing true value to our customers.


Trent Maw

Sr. Director of Marketing

As Senior Director of Marketing, Trent Maw leads the marketing team and marketing strategy at L2L.  He also enjoys "rolling up his sleeves" and working on messaging and key marketing and lead generation initiatives such as Account Based Marketing (ABM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, events, and media relations that drive awareness and revenue growth. 

Trent is a marketing leader with almost twenty years experience building and growing young companies in the learning technologies and software spaces. His entrepreneurial success includes being awarded U.S. Small Business Administration’s Utah Young Entrepreneur of the Year prior to joining L2L.

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