Industrial Cybersecurity Pulse: Work from home revolution: Expert Interview Series, Tyler Whitaker, L2L

VIDEO:  Industrial Cybersecurity Pulse Expert Interview Series

COVID-19 has impacted just about every aspect of how we go about our daily lives in the last year, but it has also introduced some major cybersecurity challenges. The abrupt closure of most office spaces in the early parts of 2020 forced even reluctant companies to embrace work from home.

“In a manufacturing environment, in an industrial environment, you obviously need to have operators on the lines doing the work, but the vast majority of management and admin really don’t need to be in the plant,” said Tyler Whitaker, chief technology officer and chief operating officer for Leading2Lean, a CFE Media content partner. “That was a significant shift for those folks. So this move toward remote work really was a forcing function for digital transformation in the industry.

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