Leading2Lean Reaffirms Commitment to SOC 2 Certification


SPARKS, Nevada – Feb. 13, 2019 – Leading2Lean is pleased to announce that it has achieved SOC 2 certification for 2019. SOC 2, also referred to as Service Organization Control 2, is one of many rigorous certifications that Leading2Lean complies with to meet the security needs of its customers.

SOC 2 is a technical audit that requires companies to follow strict information security practices to ensure the confidentiality of customer data. Developed by the American Institute of CPAS (AICPA), SOC 2 audits companies that store data in the cloud and certifies that requirements are met to minimize the risk of data exposure. This includes verifying that companies’ data processing and storage systems are aligned with the parameters of cloud requirements.

As companies are increasingly using the cloud to store confidential customer data, SOC 2 audits are essential for company performance and competitiveness. Four areas of security practices that are integral to meet SOC 2 compliance include system oversight to monitor for known and unknown activities, having alert systems in place, detailed audit trails, and actionable forensics. SOC 2 audits are extensive, taking several months to complete to confirm that all four areas of security practices are sound.

Leading2Lean is committed to customer data integrity and confidentiality. The SOC 2 certification is one of many ways that Leading2Lean fulfills the security needs of its customers, today and for the future.

About Leading2Lean

Founded in 2010, Northern Nevada based Leading2Lean improves manufacturing operations through digital transformation by providing a suite of software solutions that resolve production, quality and maintenance abnormalities and manage shop floor processes. Leading2Lean is focused on operational excellence and run by an executive team with extensive experience in manufacturing, engineering, and creating improvement cultures in

enterprises. The company’s Lean Execution System (LES) software, CloudDISPATCH, provides critical real-time and actionable data to create a problem-solving, engaged workforce through Leading2Lean’s Manufacturing 4.0 solution. For more information, visit leading2lean.com.




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