L2L Continues Successful Deployment of LES Software Amid COVID

 L2L Continues Successful Deployment of LES Software Amid COVID

L2L’s Cloud Dispatch software allows manufacturers to smoothly transition operations virtually


SPARKS, Nev. — Dec 2, 2020 – L2L (Leading2Lean), the leading provider of plant floor digital production solutions for manufacturers, has announced that its system deployments and on-going customer operations have continued to run smoothly during the pandemic. It’s no secret that COVID-19 disrupted the manufacturing sector with lockdowns and increasing demand for products and services like food production and pharmaceuticals. Throughout this time though L2L’s Lean Execution System (LES) served as a crucial factor to their customers’ ability to operate safely and continue to gain efficiency, and the company has been able to ensure that system deployments continued with success.

"For some companies, deployment of any system can present difficulties, and the need for socially distant workplaces only adds to that,” said Mark Hungerford, VP of Customer Support at L2L. “Thankfully due to our cloud-based system, our customers have experienced a fluid transition deploying the software virtually, and are finding value in the new resources provided.”

The company’s commitment to customer service has also remained constant throughout this time. With L2L‘s shift to virtual operations, customers are now benefitting from new training resources, and the company’s support team remains hands-on with all virtual deployments.

The industry has seen lengthy timelines for enterprise software deployment with some ranging as long as 2-3 years. L2L has continued to quickly and efficiently deploy their enterprise software solutions, completing the process in 60 days or less. This allows companies to be up and running in shorter time periods, while utilizing L2L’s digital workflow capabilities for continuous improvement.

“There was some skepticism within different departments,” said Danny Jackson, Manufacturing IT Director, Autoliv. “People were saying there’s no way we can deploy the software within 5-6 weeks. We actually in several cases deployed in about 2 weeks.” Jackson then added, “The thing that makes it easy to deploy is how configurable the software is.”

This ease and velocity of deployment continues with L2L’s virtual deployments.


To learn more about L2L and how you can deploy our system, please visit www.L2L.com.


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