L2L Announces No-Code App Creation Solution to Empower Frontline Manufacturing Workers


L2L Studio Empowers Connected Workers with Customized App Experiences

SALT LAKE CITY — September 28, 2022 L2L, the global leader in pragmatic connected workforce solutions, announced a new no-code app-building solution called L2L Studio. This addition to L2L's offering enables customers to create customized apps that empower their frontline workers.

Manufacturing operations are complex and often have unique challenges and needs. With L2L Studio, manufacturers can easily extend L2L’s capabilities to address the demands of their connected workers’ assignments. Cross-functional teams can create and deploy apps that streamline complicated processes into single-screen or single-button tasks. With easy drag-and-drop no-code functionality, the L2L Studio app creation experience helps manufacturing IT teams partner with “citizen developers” across their companies to develop the screens and “micro-experiences” that help frontline workers do their jobs better and faster.   

Deploying and scaling is simple too, since L2L’s cloud-based database provides the backbone of every L2L Studio app. Cross-functional leaders within your organization can create the interface and logic of the app and deploy it easily to every facility within your enterprise. This method of app creation reduces the time from idea to reality down to days, not months. That speed to value in app creation is what L2L set out to do with L2L Studio. 

“L2L Studio enables our customers to better equip their frontline workers”, says L2L’s CEO, John Davagian. “Now, almost anyone can create apps that simplify and streamline workloads, making manufacturing work more productive and efficient. At L2L, we feel like this ability to create customized worker experiences not only improves business results for manufacturers, but it does so in a way that respects and empowers today’s connected workforce. By opening up this capability, L2L Studio further accelerates our customers’ digital transformation so that they can continually improve their operations and expand throughput.”

While customers can create any app that they can imagine to address frontline worker needs, L2L is also providing several template apps to help them get started: 

  • Inventory Control/Audit app to speed up spare parts or production inventory counts. 
  • Safety incident reporting app that enables all employees to easily report safety concerns.
  • Quick Dispatch to shorten response time to downtime incidents.
  • Line Status App showing bottlenecks and their causes in real time.

Customers can use these templated apps “out of the box” or customize them to meet their own specific needs. Customers can also start from scratch to develop unique apps that address their own shop floor challenges.

The addition of L2L Studio shows L2L’s commitment to enhancing the experience of frontline workers in today’s manufacturing facilities. To learn more about L2L Studio visit www.l2l.com/studio

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Founded in 2010, L2L makes connected work simple so manufacturers can accelerate and win. L2L’s technology connects frontline teams, digitalizes operations, and eliminates shop floor disruptions that create waste and limit throughput. Cloud-based and deployed within 50 days on average, L2L’s Connected Workforce Platform creates unmatched speed to value for over 175,000 users in 25 countries across the globe. For more information, visit www.l2l.com.

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