L2L Announces Groundbreaking L2L FlowEngine at 2024 Connected Workforce Summit

The innovative low-code solution enables manufacturers to automate workflows and decision-making

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, May 22, 2024 -  L2L, the global leader in connected workforce solutions, proudly announced the launch of its innovative L2L FlowEngine at the 2024 Connected Workforce Summit last week to an audience of industry leaders, experts and Fortune 1000 customers including such names as Energizer, Westinghouse, JELD-WEN and Sonoco. L2L FlowEngine enables manufacturers to automate decision-making processes, optimize workflows, and apply business rules, significantly improving productivity while reducing operational costs. 

Manufacturers are facing a continued and growing shortage of skilled labor. In fact, research shows that 72% of industrial organizations report frontline workforce hiring and retention issues have negatively impacted operational performance. This illustrates an urgent need for commercial employers to maximize the productivity and efficacy of their existing workforces.  

L2L FlowEngine drives improved employee performance and efficiency. With detailed, in-the-moment guidance that upskills employees, and automated workflows that ensure key tasks are executed when required, L2L FlowEngine standardizes employee performance and drives higher plant productivity. By leveraging this powerful tool, manufacturers can eliminate the need for employees to perform low-value manual tasks, freeing them to focus on higher-value work.

L2L FlowEngine unleashes untapped manufacturing potential in countless ways. It optimizes operations by visualizing and escalating operator issues with machine performance. It can also automatically create quality dispatches based on scrap and defect data. The FlowEngine can optimize PM schedules with cycle count and condition based monitoring leveraging operators, technicians, and material handlers more effectively, all while reducing asset failures.

Additional key benefits of L2L FlowEngine include:

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: L2L FlowEngine optimizes operations by examining data to identify patterns and ensure proactive actions, driving improvements across availability, performance, quality, and safety. This can be used to improve OEE in the following ways:
    • Availability: By automating key preventative maintenance tasks and ensuring timely execution (condition-based maintenance), the FlowEngine reduces unplanned downtime and enables better root-cause analysis.
    • Performance: The FlowEngine identifies and resolves minor stops, optimizes scheduling, and aligns preventative maintenance with production schedules, driving higher throughput and efficiency.
    • Quality: The FlowEngine helps move towards zero defects by identifying quality issues and root causes across machines, lines, and shifts, enabling quicker detection and resolution of anomalies.
    • Safety: By highlighting safety trends and correlating incidents with specific machines or individuals, the FlowEngine ensures early action and enhances training compliance, fostering a culture of safety.
  • Accelerated Data Integration: L2L FlowEngine enables fast and efficient movement of existing data from siloed software systems into L2L, ensuring ongoing synchronization and maximizing data utility.
  • Automated Decision-Making: Condition-based workflows automate decision-making processes, ensuring consistent adherence to business rules and standards and reducing manual interventions and costly errors.
  • Improved Compliance: Real-time monitoring and enforcement of rules help reduce risks and ensure compliance with regulatory and quality control standards.
  • Support for Innovation: A customizable rules framework and pre-built templates empower users to experiment with new processes and strategies, driving continuous innovation, and maintaining a competitive edge.

"L2L FlowEngine will be transformative for our customers," said Rich Caplow, VP of Product at L2L. "It enables flexible, automated workflows that can be applied anywhere within manufacturing plants, leading to huge efficiency gains. Customers can now develop these rules themselves, quickly digitizing shop floor processes, and avoiding costly problems.”

Learn more about the L2L FlowEngine and other new L2L products during a live webinar at 1PM ET on May 30, 2024. Webinar registration is available at this link

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