L2L New Features: Kitting, Project Management

L2L's new product features foster greater efficiency for customers

SPARKS, Nevada – August 17, 2020 – Leading2Lean is pleased to announce 5 new features in line with keeping the “do more with less” mentality. These 5 key features are designed to help you and your team be more efficient with your time and resources. 

“We have enjoyed building these new features, and we are certain you will enjoy using them,” said Devin Baldwin, Product Manager for L2L. “As always, if you have any questions, please drop us a line. Keep an eye on the change log to keep up on the smaller changes.” 

The 5 new key features include:

-Product Management: Efficiently manage your projects using our new Project Management module. We've created 6 new screens to help you deliver projects on time and on budget: Gantt Chart, Resource Calendar, Kanban Board, Project Dashboard, Labor Summary report, and Cost Summary report. You can see how PM Module works on our website, or contact your account rep for a detailed walk-through.

-Dispatch Screens: We have been making incremental updates to our Dispatch screen since December. In addition to cosmetic updates and fixed headers, we've introduced saved filters, added customization options, and improved our mobile experience. During our next round of updates we will apply the universal header to the Dispatch screen, which brings the new Dispatch form along with it. Keep your eye out for a few other cosmetic changes as well. This final round of updates concludes our Modernization project.

-Prorated Production Metrics: At the beginning of each shift, high volume plants reported that their week and shift metrics on the Operator Portal and Pitch Board were a sea of red. This happened because demand and production minutes were not prorated. Metrics like OA, Pace, PEFF, and Labor Efficiency didn't accurately reflect the line's effort. Back in April we released a change to the calculation for these metrics on the Operator Portal, Pitch Boards, and the Site, Area, and Line production dashboards. Demand, planned production minutes, and planned non-production minutes are now prorated in metric calculations to better reflect the status of the line.

-Scheduler Kitting: In the next few days you'll see a few new additions to the Scheduler and Spares screens. Our new Kitting feature was built to save time when launching planned work. It allows you to plan Spare parts as part of a schedule. Updates have been made to the Spares Queue, Inventory Management and Request Spares screens to show parts that are in Kits. Please refer to our Spares Kitting article for more information.

-Administrator Permissions: We have found that there are multiple types of Administrators who use L2L. In order to support your efforts to limit admin access in L2L, we have added 5 administrator roles: Resource Manager, User Manager, System Manager, IT Manager, and Administrator. Each admin role grants access to appropriate setup screens. The new admin roles will be released along with the Scheduler Kitting functionality in the next few days. Take a look at our Administrator Permissions article for all the details.


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