Autoliv CEO Attributes Continuous Improvement Success to L2L


SPARKS, Nevada – June. 15, 2018 –  Autoliv CEO, Mikael Bratt, attributes success in continuous improvement to Leading2Lean (L2L) in 2018 Investor Day speech.

On May 31, 2018 Autoliv CEO, Mikael Bratt, addressed investors and spoke of "a few results we are driving when it comes to the overall operational excellence journey" in his Investor Day speech. 

In his speech he spoke of success in achieving Zero Defect targets and also attributed a 5% increase in operational availability and increased global visibility of manufacturing sites and lines to deployment of the Leading2Lean Lean Execution System.

Following is an excerpt from the Investor Day transcription (See pg. 23, Management and Workforce with First-Class Execution Skills):

"We also have a new manufacturing system in place, the Leading2Lean cloud solution, also giving good visibility in our effectiveness in our different plants. And by that we also see an increased operating availability of 5% in 2017, so good progress there. This means that we have full visibility of all our production lines globally from basically one site here."

"Target condition is there to drive then our, I would say, continuous improvement journey. It’s the definition of each process or each function in a world-class situation where we can go today. So it’s not a futuristic description on how we would like to function; it’s actually something we could achieve today."

"And then we drive towards these levels of performance. It’s a very effective way to set a target for our different parts of the organization here, and also a subject for continuous improvements here."

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Autoliv Investor Day - Thursday, 31st May 2018




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