To have break-through results, manufacturers need more than a traditional CMMS. Our maintenance solution is a Lean Execution System. This means that effective Lean tools are integrated into the system, allowing technicians to engage in problem solving. Problem solving is the only way to sustainably improve critical KPIs such as OEE and OA – and our customers agree.

Unlike a traditional CMMS, our LES is more than a reactive dispatch platform. We capture more robust data, always in real-time, that gives you digital visibility into not only what is happening on production lines, but allows your technicians to sustainably resolve abnormalities. Our software is an improvement system, allowing users to be change agents in their factories.

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Solution Features
Comprehensive Maintenance History
  • Retained history for every line, machine and maintenance technician.
  • See the whole story. Correlate maintenance with all production environmental occurrences such plant changeovers and lot changes.
  • Reduce cost of spares.
  • Optimal tool for Reliability Centered Maintenance.
Improve Operational Availability
  • Problem solving, optimizing practices, and real-time OA / OEE measurement.
  • Show the true value of maintenance and how it drives OA.
  • Systematic methods to move from reactive to proactive behaviors.
  • Optimize your maintenance priorities and costs.
Share Best Practices
  • Easily share best practices (Yokoten) with all lines and plants to create consistency, CI and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Fully integrate with other Lean tools.
  • Consistently manage the delivery of improvements.
Common Plant Floor Standard
  • Consistency across all plants, functions and employees creates standard data visualization.
  • Employee-driven sustained CI.
  • Overlays existing systems - no rip and replace required.
  • Harmonize plant processes toward common measures and key methods.
Intelligent and Logical UI
  • Proven ease of use by maintenance technicians. Ease of use = actual use.
  • Give your maintenance technicians work value by providing a tool, not a task.
  • No more paper, allowing technicians to fix problems, not wrestle with data input.
Problem Solving
  • Robust data facilitates problem solving that improves both OA and OEE.
  • Show the value return from the maintenance department; maintenance is more than a cost center.
  • Our production-centered maintenance solution allows production and maintenance to be integrated, not silo'd.

7.0% Increase In Annual Operational Availability

6.1% Reduced Spend On Maintenance Materials

Our customers achieve these results. What would similar improvements in your plan do to your bottom line?

Why Successful Manufacturers Choose Leading2Lean

  • They need to pull actionable and visualized abnormality data from all of their machines.
  • Their existing CMMS platforms are difficult to use.
  • Processes are manual and inefficient, utilizing pagers, spreadsheets, binders, and whiteboards.
  • ERPs, such as SAP, are not optimized for maintenance.
  • Manufacturers must innovate with IoT and Manufacturing 4.0 technology.
  • They need a system that not only performs digital dispatches, but it also stores manuals and operator capabilities, facilitates best practice sharing (Yokoten), and provides an accurate abnormality history.
  • They are wasting time on data entry and need more time for preventive and  predictive maintenance, in addition to implementing condition based maintenance.

Does your CMMS have these challenges? Explore Leading2Lean’s CloudDISPATCH software, instead. 

The Leading2Lean system was developed by industrial maintenance technicians in a manufacturing environment and that made sense to us.

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A Maintenance Solution Like No Other

At last, you can see all of your production line machine abnormalities with Leading2Lean’s Lean Execution System. Learn how our customers are successfully using Leading2Lean to drive improvements in their manufacturing processes AND achieving ROIs. Contact us for a demonstration of our solution in action. In less than 30 minutes, we’ll show you the differences between Leading2Lean's CloudDISPATCH and underperforming CMMS alternatives.

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