Cloud Dispatch

CloudDISPATCH is our Lean Execution System (LES), a Cloud-based solution set that helps manufacturers create a culture of sustainable continuous improvement while simultaneously improving production, maintenance, and QA metrics. We are a Manufacturing 4.0 solution, which merges IoT with human motivation and innovation.

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How CloudDISPATCH Works

With successful installations in manufacturing plants around the globe, CloudDISPATCH gets the right real-time visualized data to the right people, at the right time, so the right decisions can be made. Sounds simple, but ERP, CMMS and MES alternatives can’t do this. Most manufacturers already have versions of these systems in place. CloudDISPATCH ties them together, creating a single standard, and provides shop floor real-time execution.

Here’s an example: instead of accessing spares data from an ERP and using a CMMS to manage maintenance, technicians use CloudDISPATCH for both. This saves a lot of time and, especially in manufacturing, time is money.

Other Systems
Existing Systems

CloudDISPATCH overlays and ties your disparate systems together.

Unified Correlated View

All employees benefit from a common plant floor standard and data reporting process.

Manufacturing Team

Relevant and consistent real-time data is available to plant floor workers & managers.

Created On The Plant Floor

Our Lean Execution System, CloudDISPATCH, was created in a plant of a global Fortune 500 manufacturer, so we know manufacturing pain points first-hand. This plant was underperforming and rumored for closure. While they had good systems and dedicated employees, accurate and timely plant floor data were missing and finger pointing was common, leading to poor employee morale and turnover.

More importantly, plant managers didn’t know if they were winning or losing until after a production run was completed. CloudDISPATCH changed this and the plant was transformed into a high-performing model for the company’s other plants throughout the world. After a global deployment in over 80 plants, they achieved a 5% increase in global Operational Availability, with some plants as high as 23%.

With Leading2Lean, your plants can and will achieve the same results.

Don’t "Rip and Replace"

Traditional manufacturing software are good with their core functionality, but they are not designed to support lean transformations.

Existing ERP, CMMS, QMS and MES systems do not contain the necessary tools to create a high-functioning Lean Execution System. While competing solutions often require a replacement of an existing system, with the CloudDISPATCH LES, there is never a need for this. Instead, our LES integrates with other systems, fills in performance gaps and makes them work better.

Deployment & ROI Timeline

Unlike other manufacturing systems, our customers go live in 4-6 weeks and start to achieve an ROI. As your production and maintenance teams utilize and action the data, accelerated production improvements are achieved. This is one reason why we have 100% customer retention and willingness to refer.

Initial Setup3-4 Weeks
On-Site1-2 Weeks
Deployment & Training4-6 Weeks
Accelerated Utilization3-6 Months
Sustained ROI6-9 Months
Improvements & Savings

The key to success is when Leading2Lean works closely with operations teams. They are in the best position to specify how CloudDISPATCH should be configured and, because it’s intuitive to use, our solution is easily customized without needing an IT project team. It will also evolve as a high-impact tool as users discover new ways to leverage it.

Why Lean Execution?

Explore CloudDISPATCH Solutions

With our solutions, there’s never a need to “rip and replace” your existing MES, ERP and CMMS systems. We’re unique because our Lean Execution System, CloudDISPATCH, provides real-time execution in your plants with visualized data provided to the right people at the right time. This means they can make the right decisions.

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Improve Your Manufacturing With CloudDISPATCH

  • Real-time data visibility that drives accountability and sustained CI
  • Improve critical manufacturing production metrics
  • Increase employee engagement and morale with a tool, not a task
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